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    5 Best Gaming Apps For Kids

    5 Best Gaming Apps For Kids


    Let us face it – technology isn’t for adults only. A lot of kids these days are learning from the digital world, and they are spending a lot of time on these inventions also. We often see kids with tablets, and it is not a rare scene. But the online world isn’t a very safe place for kids, so we need to ensure that they are playing or accessing only the safe parts of the internet. There are several learning activities for the children online, and these are enriching and take a new approach to learn. Similarly, there are a lot of games that stimulate the child’s mind to think differently, and hence impact them.

    There are quite a lot of gaming apps suitable for children that come for free and are easily accessible on both the personal computer and on the tablets. These games have been created keeping in mind that children will have access to these. Most funnily there had been a lot of rumors about the children being attacked by games – there were quite a lot of rumors about Pacman and none of these, of course, came true. There has been sufficient research in this field, and for all the concerned parents, gaming could be a productive way to increase concentration, if it is played in moderation. These games ensure that your child is inclined to think and analyze more critically, and in some aspects even grow creativity.

    The watching of television is completely passive, whereas the idea of gaming is an activity, so when in moderation, this can actually be a very fruitful activity. There are a few games that we have listed for your children, to ensure that they have a good leisure time. These games have no violence elements to them, and they do not cause any mental taxation. All of these are safe for children above 3+ which have been certified by Google, so technically, this is the safest game list ever. All of these games are super easy, fun to play, and ensure a good time.

    There are a few advertisements in between, which if you dislike, you could completely disable. If there are some purchase ads, play the game all by yourself to monitor the safety level and the kind of ads that appear.

    Here is the list of gaming apps that are safe for your child:

    Saago Mini Friends

    These games are a set of puzzles which will make your child more intelligent. They are puzzle solving, hence increase the dexterity of the children. There are a lot of creative and colorful characters to increase the enjoying ability of these apps. It begins with the player selecting a colorful character, who goes around searching for neighbors who are in the form of more cartoons. When you knock on a door, there’s an entire spread of invite awaiting you, which can range from several activities like a dress-up act, or a snack spread, etc. The game on the larger end makes the child learn empathy, where he or she actually ask a depressed person to cheer up. A very innovative game no doubt, this one teaches the child a lot of lessons. This has no advertisements, which is clearly a bonus.

    Lego Creator Islands

    Lego is any child’s paradise, and most of the children love playing with this. A slightly advanced version of blocks, this one helps to invite the child into the world of design. Although this one is virtual and doesn’t give one the real feel of Lego, then again, the fitting of sizes can clearly be understood. These isolated islands are where the kids will have to start building statues and buildings out of Lego. The process automatically inspires the child to think critically and creatively, and build wonderful prototypes. One can go into complete creativity while designing these blocks. This game again doesn’t have any advertising.

    Toca Kitchen 2

    All about cooking, this one will make your child understand the fundamentals of a very complex chemistry reaction – yes cooking. We often see that kids are drawn to cooking with pots and pans, and they tend to light a fire. Well, that worry ceases to exist because this is the virtual kitchen app where your child can cook all day and there would be no disasters. Cook meals all day, formulate recipes, get creative and go crazy with food – there’s no worry of overcooking, or heating, or fire in the oven.

    Llama Spit Spit

    This is a flying llama that will blast your enemies and you can rest assured that this is occupying. There are some high powered weapons that whack the enemy and your child can have a good time fighting the bad dudes. The controls are smooth and robust, and there’s a lot of smacking involved with good graphics support –meaning that is a complete dose of entertainment and fun. Good for both iOS and Android, this app is versatile. The best news is that it has no advertisements, so you can constantly sire up llamas and not be bugged at all.

    Disney Crossy Road

    This one has a lot of blocky characters and they have to cross the roads – yes you got it right! The cars and trains keep coming, and you got to make your way through them. Stepping on thorn hedges or on vehicles instantly kills you. There are so many obstacles that Disney has carefully designed which make the experience enjoyable for the kids. Helping the kids to understand the road rules, this game has a unique benefit – it instills in the kids the power to concentrate. Crossing the roads aren’t going to be easy and the kid who wins definitely has his mind on one track.

    All of these games are safe for children and do not retard their growth. On the other hand, they enforce different lessons, some of the empathy, some of the road rules, etc. Some are more generic in nature and help the child to learn daily activities like cooking. While Lego helps children to develop the idea of design.

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