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    7 Best Animation Apps For Android and iOS



    Do you have a deep revere for cartoon movies and you enjoy watching how they move, talk, and look real? It is not uncommon for adults to watch these movies, especially because of the expertise with which they have been created. Every character that you see on screen is built from scratch, and then every movement of the character is monitored, curated, and brought to life. You may be thinking that it is impossible to reach that level of precision and imagination coordination – but that is not true.

    With the world progressing quickly in terms of technology, all impossible acts of creating animations are now at the tips of your hand. The animations that we see on television, are created with high-end animation software – but worry not, with a huge list of animation software available now in phones, creating high-quality animations is now easy and simple. So if you are looking for great software to give life to your cartoons, you have come to the right place. This will be a very interesting activity, also, you can create the animation for your children, making it a fruitful activity. This could also be pursued as a hobby!

    With the latest animation videos that are available in the stores, one could create realistic cartoon environments and then go ahead to create a video, a short clip, a short film or even a gif. It depends on the user’s creative ability to go ahead with this kind of activity. That way, with the use of the right apps and the appropriate tools, one can easily build a hyper-realistic cartoon movie and even launch it on YouTube, or other online platforms.

    The animation is a lucrative career option, and it is often used in all areas – be it entertainment, education, cinema, and advertising, all of these are completely dependent on animations. Here is the list of the 7 best animation apps that you could use:

    Animation creator HD Free

    Animation creator HD Free

    This is probably a boon for all the animators – anyone with the creative ability to draw will be blessed as this app permits you to turn those characters to reality. This is a simple app with the prowess of a pro app – it has powerful tools arranged for convenience. You could use the best of your imaginative skills to get things going with this application. The final results look unusually real, like a movie from Hollywood.

    The features that are provided with this app are advanced – some of them are color transparency regulator, easy navigation, audio managing, quick jumping of frames, ink brush, improved brush, etc.

    StopMotion Recorder

    Old technology for creating animations, this is used in the film industry to date. This one allows you to take up a time-lapse image and get a video out of that. The process is easy, quick, and efficient. All of this requires your patience though, but Apple users can be relieved of this, the app does it for you. The interface that the StopMotion app uses is simple and quite easy to deal with. The recorder app has a camera lens that can take up to 99 shots and animate that into a small video. You could now share the video on social media platforms, or even save it in your personal gallery. There are wide options available– you could play the video in reverse, remove unnecessary frames, or do as you please with your video masterpiece.

    Animation Studio – Sean Brakefield

    This is a great program for creating animations in Android. This program can easily export the animation files in quite a number of formats – AVI, FLV, MP4 or even WMV. There are a number of layers, you could constantly import photos from your gallery, and use realistic tools like band scrolling, scrollbar and more. Like the previous editor, this one supports the deletion of unwanted frames. With this, master the art of professional animation. This is by far the best app for creating hyper-realistic animations.

    LookSee Animator

    Slow motion and time-lapse are the two technologies that this app uses to turn your photos into an animated video. The camera catches frames on the proximity detector and also captures movement and sound. The app comes with direct and indirect music controls, and the camera works remotely too. The app allows one to work in reverse too – the videos can be split into images or made into a new video – perks of working with animation software.

    StickDraw Animation Maker

    The millennial generation has a new hobby, to draw on i-pad. This is a great form of entertainment that has been picked up recently, and StickDraw is one platform where the millennial can draw professionally. This app takes it forward and even lets you animate those – so you could create characters and even convert them into short movies. The application is free to an extent, but there are advertisements, and you might have to pay to get rid of them.

    Animation Studio by miSoft

    Robust and unique, this one lets you make absolutely creative cartoons, add on some music, and even dub voices. You could share your cartoon film on platforms like YouTube, or even AppleTV, in absolute High quality. An amazing application with realistic characters, one must definitely try this one out.

    Animation Studio by miSoft


    Easy, quick and versatile, this is one of the applications that you could encourage your kids to use. The interface is absolutely simple, just draw a picture, and the app gets the animation done in seconds. In this app, creating a cartoon is very easy – all one needs to do is to press the record, and let the character move on the screen. And the story of the character can then be decided upon, and leave the rest to the app – it creates a wonderful interface and a complete show!

    Toontastic helps children grow aesthetically, with the idea of art, language and helps the children develop storytelling. There are several drawing tools, to help the child’s drawing look more realistic. There are a lot of pirates, orgs, galaxies and more to inspire your children to step forward and create magic.

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