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    7 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

    While you could copy promotion strategies from other successful apps, it isn’t always necessary that they will help your target audience.

    How user behavior impacts E-commerce industry:

    “If you build it, they will come.”


    Unfortunately, this famous saying does not hold true for an app that is launched in a sea of almost 5 million apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined. You’re being way too ambitious if you think you can get people to download your app without implementing some promotional tactics. Apart from getting the best mobile UI design and app development services, there’s more that can affect your app’s success rate.


    A superb app marketing strategy is what can help your app gain success. Boosting app downloads is going to require you to work a tad bit harder. To help you streamline the process, we have listed 7 proven app marketing strategies to help you boost your app downloads.


    1. Spend Some Time on App Store Optimization (ASO) 


    ASO is responsible for increasing the visibility of your app in the marketplace. It lets you see whether the user downloads your app when they visit your app’s page on the store.



    ASO is affected by:
    a. Reviews: After launching the app, get your users to review your app on the respective app store. The better the review, the higher the ranking. Try and get as many positive reviews as you can.


    b. App downloads: The more the number of app downloads, the more will people download your app.


    c. Keywords: Include top ranking keywords in your app page content. This will help make it rank higher when people search for something related to your app.


    d. Backlinks: Get as many backlinks as you can do different, but relevant pages to improve your app ranking.


    e. App Usage: The number of times people start your app affects your app’s ranking significantly.


    f. Uninstallation Rate: No matter how many downloads you get, if your app gets uninstalled in 30 days, your rank could suffer.


    2. Make Your App Free at Launch

    A free app is more alluring to most. Even if you can’t afford to make it available for free, give users a free trial (a week or month-long). This will significantly increase your app downloads.
    Moreover, you could also have in-app purchases and release premium features. This is called a freemium model and is the highest-earning strategy. When they download the app for free and see how wonderful it is, they would be tempted to pay for the premium features as well.


    3. Increase Your Online Presence

    Do not underestimate the value of social media today where every step you take, the world is watching you. But your step needs to be unique. So, start by creating an amazing landing page and a unique website to describe what your app does.

    Your design must be creative and in line with your app’s features. Now, start posting updates on social media and get people to like them. You can even have a blog of your own with topics revolving your app’s purpose.

    Note that each platform will require a different strategy. You can’t expect the same posts that gain traffic on Facebook to work on LinkedIn as well. Think out of the box, read the algorithms of these platforms, and then come up with a strategy.


    4. A/B Test Your App

    Keep updating your app every now and then to increase app downloads. Even just tweaking the images and content on the pages a little will do the job. Now, conduct A/B testing.

    Send half the traffic of your web store to one variant and the rest half to the other. This will help assess different elements of your app, such as:


    a. App title

    b. App description

    c. Screenshots

    d. Videos

    e. Visual icons


    Take a look at all these elements to see which appeals to the users the most. Look at the app title, for example. See whether the first web store users like it more or the other web store users. This way, you would be able to differentiate the best from the good.


    The variant that produces better results is the one that will help increase your app downloads. Oh, and Google Play offers a split-testing tool called Google Experiments. Use it to conduct A/B tests.


    5. Implement Clever Promotions


    In the event that your application isn’t free at launch, you can try different things with transitory price drops to drive downloads. 


    Research by Distimo compared the rate of downloads and income information for 12 games from the seven day stretch of their price drop promotion to the earlier week without the promotion. 


    The games increased the worldwide revenue of the app by 437 percent in the seven days during the value drop promotion. 


    Of course, this probably won’t work for each application or game. In any case, on the off chance that you have faithful clients and incredible word-of-mouth, individuals may seize the chance to get your application for a cheaper price. 


    6. Hacking the Press


    As indicated by a story from Entrepreneur.com, one application designer had the option to significantly increase his downloads and drive great incomes by “hacking” the press. 


    Iliya Yordanov, the originator of the personal-finance application, MoneyWiz, first attempted to get attention by reaching the US media and application review websites. To his failure, none of the media destinations got back in touch with him. 


    He understood that if he sent similar public statements to choose remote markets – Russia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France – he could get surveys and reviews on his application. The reaction from the media in these nations drove his application right to the top spot in the finance category on the App Store. 


    Therefore, his application got seen in the US, which prompted Apple including his application. From that point, the US media rapidly started paying heed. 


    You can adopt a comparable strategy in boosting your application downloads. When you make a list of news sources to send your presses to, incorporate those in Europe, Asia, Australia, and some other markets. In the event that you think clients there might love your application, educate them about it!


    7. Concentrate on the User


    It’s not about the number of downloads you get. It’s also critical to know how, when, where, and by whom your application is utilized. 


    Analytics is imperative to figuring out what your clients need the most out of your application, and how you can convey that. They’re the way to creating constant downloads. 



    Analytics ought to educate you regarding your clients’ practices from download until deletion. They encourage A/B testing to figure out what works best dependent on certain trigger points you set up inside the application. 


    Final Thoughts

    Producing more app downloads isn’t generally the easiest thing to achieve. 


    Be that as it may, if you use these tips, you’ll see an impressive increase in downloads and app store rankings. 


    However, make sure to remember your intended interest audience’s inclinations when evaluating these methodologies. What works best for general customers probably won’t fill in too for your group of users. Stay tuned with AppMystery to know more.

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