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    7 Creative New Mobile App Ideas in 2019 to Explore

    7 creative mobile app ideas to explore


    With the invention of the world wide web, there have been so many different developments. A lot of people had actively spent their time developing websites, creating advertisements and more for publicity. Now with the advent of smartphones, people have started building applications that run dedicated tasks on their phones, specific to a certain cause. Websites and applications almost serve the same purpose – to either sell, or to buy, or to host data in general. Of course, design and technology are much more advanced and is purpose driven. This is the time of digitalization and investing in ventures like these is most profitable.

    The Best Time for Mobile Application Development

    This is truly the most appropriate time to invest in building mobile applications, chiefly because everyone is dependent on them. There’re great profits in this field, because we depend on apps for everything, be it counting microbial cells, or measuring the heartbeat, or the number of steps we have walked today, etc. even statistics says that the sales of mobile apps have escalated as much as 58%. This is quite the proof of the digital boom that has overtaken the world in this century. The future of mobile apps is right here and right now.

    Lifestyle Influencer

    Mobile apps are now major lifestyle influencers, and they are changing the way we live. Each mobile app is a successful idea and each idea that has translated into something worthwhile. We need to understand that each app originates from some trouble, some trouble that we are facing, gets translated into a solution by some entrepreneur, and there we have an application. Uber is a solution to solve the waiting time of cabs. Similarly, Zomato is to solve the problem of you going to a restaurant, hence it brings the restaurant to you.

    Learn the Magic Style – Execution

    An idea here isn’t enough. There needs to be sufficient execution of the plan, to make it a success. Having an idea simply doesn’t change the world as such, but successful work on it, making it compatible with the existing world is what it takes to create the magic. For example, there have been many social networking sites, but then to bring it to the stage where it stands now, is difficult. This version of Facebook is compatible with the way the world runs, from advertisements to selling business online, talk of it, and Facebook does it.

    Understanding the Importance of Innovation and Invention

    As similar it may sound, both have very different notations. Whereas invention would mean to invent something completely new, which is important, innovation would mean to create and bring about modifications that would change how the final product looks like. It is more of market-based creation, to give the people something that they would like. Below are some creative ideas to explore for the app developers:

    The On-Demand Apps

    This is what brings luxury items, food, cabs right at your door. This could also include body massages, room cleaning services etc. These apps have been growing tremendously in magnitude, and are expected to take the market by a storm. 22.4 million users are using this form of applications, meaning that there is a huge demand for this market.

    Augmented Reality App Ideas

    With the launch of Pokemon Go, these apps have gained immense popularity. According to surveys, this industry is said to pick up a total valuation of $170 billion by the year 2021. As of now, augmented realities are being used only in the gaming sectors, but then, there are wide applications to it. It can be used in the marketing, tourism specter, shopping, education and more.

    Virtual Reality Applications

    This started off with Google but now has expanded greatly. Making mobiles more engaging, increasing experiences and getting them to cross the 3D experience and delve into real experiences, is taking the world by the wings. This is plunging your viewers into a 360-degree visual experience. The best part of this app sector is that not much discovery has been made, and there’s a lot of opportunity for improvisation.  

    App Ideas for IoT

    This is probably the most used word of these days. Everyone seems to be talking about this. Sensors and remotes for connectivity are so common these days, that we could expect a huge boom in this sector. There are immense uses of this application in the recent markets. Smart packing, water quality monitoring, smart packaging, IoT enables ECG devices and more.

    Telemedicine Apps

    This is the digital world that we live in, and we don’t need to physically walk into a store to purchase medicines, we have medicines delivered to us. This is the era to deliver clinical healthcare to someone remote, with the aid of technology. There is no need to wait for the clinic because the clinic comes to you here.

    Business Bots

    The most important and integral part of the future business, business bots are going to overtake regular activities and help you run the business easily. The user interface will be more strategic and will help you to run the feedback or queries system more easily. 30% of the e-commerce sites have already induced chatbots as a part of their regular communications. This could definitely go a long way for all future businesses.

    Blockchain Apps

    This might be the next thing that may defeat the internet once and for all. Definitely one of the futuristic applications, this one might have a long-lasting effect on users. Commonly used for various applications and often confused with bitcoin, this is one of the applications which takes care of all payments and monetary transactions, may look after smart contracts, notary and other networking issues. This is the future here that we are talking about.

    There are other options that could be used which are instant messaging applications, which provide instant connectivity, and graphical restaurant reservation systems. Much like booking movie seats, this gives you the option to book your restaurant seats.

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