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    7 Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

    7 Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews


    The era of technology has brought us to live sedentary lifestyles, and for the same, we are all stuck to mobiles and laptops for our different activities. We no longer go to a restaurant to pick food, we simply order on an app. So goes for the movies, television shows, etc. Everything has come to our doorstep to make our life comfortable. We are stuck to our electronic web, where we come across several different applications, and the market of these apps are extremely difficult. In fact, these apps have taken over our lives to an extent that outdoor games have been converted into indoor games – we play cricket and racing games right up on our phones.

    Understanding Why Reviews are Very Important for the Application

    in this absolutely competitive market, it is absolutely impossible to succeed without a large number of users for the applications. As many as billions of applications are now available on Google Play, and if one has to access the market and get their app to sell, one easy way of going about it is through app reviews. The point of success begins only when the number of users expands in huge numbers, and there are a lot of mobile app reviews. The selling point of the applications begins when people start asking each other about the features of the applications and then recommend each other about it. In a conclusive statement, we can understand that applications provide most of the entertainment in our lives. Usually, the applications which are famous in friends and family circles get sold more and are used and recommended more often. For example, the case of WhatsApp versus IMO, wherein WhatsApp is more famous because it is user-friendly and not banned in any country.

    Understanding Why Reviews are Very Important for the Application

    There are a few ways how to increase App reviews. Below listed are some of the ways:

    Increasing Downloads With the Help of Ad Campaign

    The number of downloads is directly dependent on the app reviews that are present. When focusing on AD campaigns and the ASO, the number of downloads also increase. It is but of course when an application has user-friendly features, it is more preferred than the others. Focusing on the optimization of the play store can increase the number of downloads of the application.

    Having a Simple Review

    Keep the section for the review absolutely simple. It should be user-friendly and quick. People do not like wasting a lot of time on the reviews. Having some kind of task that requires a lot of time, results in a put off condition, where the user no longer wants to go ahead with the reviewing. It is best if the app has a simple reviewing section with just the basics. More will be the ease of reviewing, more will be the people who will start reviewing the application.

    Having a Plug-In Feature for App Review

    The best way to get the users to write a review is to include a plugin for the app reviewing. This would be attractive for the users to push in their feedbacks and leave some comments. Users by default are extremely lazy, and they wouldn’t want to log in and push a review until and unless it’s a bad one. To encourage them to push in positive ones, you could make it super easy and fluent for them.

    Convince the Users to Give a More Positive Feedback

    You have to make an appearance too. It is important that you request users for reviews. You could make their reviewing experience enjoyable by adding interesting comments. You could generate replies to their comments – this brings a personal touch. You could also assure them that you would make the suggested choices of fixes that they wish to be included in your app. Show them that their review matters to you, and they might ask their friends to pool in replies. This is always a wise move. Include updates as requested, and act in a positive direction to encourage more people from commenting. Word of mouth and goodwill always spread quickly, and in no time will you become famous for your work. Your application will also be widely known owing to good customer feedbacks. The app business is such that it runs on recommendation – once your app is a hit among a certain group, people keep recommending the application to the others, and this follows in pursuit. It is advisable to follow this model which benefits in the long run.

    Convince the Users to Give a More Positive Feedback

    Provide Support

    Gifts and free stuff are always welcome. It is always a useful strategy to lure people with free gifts. It never costs you much, but it always helps you understand the needs of the market, and it achieves the goals precisely. If you play games on your phone, you must be aware of the fact that several games have videos interrupting the course of the game. One may feel distracted and cancel out the advertisement – but, as an incentive, the game makers add extra coins or an extra life if the video is watched until the end. This is a good and strategic use of an incentive. It cost nothing – but it delivered a very important advertisement to the customer. This is the impact of providing external support to the people.

    In a very similar plan, you could incorporate incentives tagged in, when the users review your apps. This makes your app very popular, gives it the comment boost that was needed, and obviously helps in the process of sales at a later phase.

    Use of Gamification

    This is a similar strategy, and it involves giving away free gifts of meager amounts to the people – to lure them into reviewing the application. This is yet another smart strategy to get people to comment on your application.

    Know the Right Time

    It is very important to be decisive and ask for reviews at the right time. If this is asked just after downloading, it is but obvious that the review will never come. It should be after one or two successful activities in the app that the user should be asked for reviews.

    Ditch Clones

    Make original apps if you have to survive in the competitive world. If you make resemblance apps, chances are people won’t even download it. Plan out the activities and procedures in a synchronized way.

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