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    Best 5 Mobile Apps To Hide Your Photos And Videos

    Smartphones are enough to carry everything you need, from your contacts to the source of entertainment. The collection of million apps make its possible for us to do whatever we want. Besides, we do have lock screen protected with a password to keep our phone safe and private. However, you can’t save people from touching your phone al the time, but you still have some personal stuff to hide. Maybe there are some hard party images that you don’t want to share with your parents.

    This makes mandatory to add an extra layer of security to the stuff you really want to hide. Fortunately, there is also an app for this too, yes you can put an extra lock on your photos, images or even on some apps too. Here we have found the best 5 apps that you can use to lock your images and videos with.

    1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

    This is the best one on the list if you really want to hide your stuff from other people. The app is around here for a while now and comes with simple UI. Besides, KeepSafe gets regular updates from the maker that puts it ahead of the competitors. The app is easy to use, and you just need to select the files you want to hide and all your stuff will be vanished from the phone. The hidden files will be visible only inside the app. The app offers the PIN, pattern passwords as well as the fingerprint authentication.  

    2. LockMypix Photo Vault

    LockMypix photo vault is another app that will suck up all the selected stuff and will only show after official verification. The app requires PIN, Pattern or fingerprint authentication to grant access. The best part of the app is that the design and UI of the app are amazing you can easily navigate throughout the whole app without any issue.

    3. Hide Something

    Hide Something is my personal app to hide the images from your phone. The app comes with various unique functionalities, and it is also the most popular ap in the list. Transferring your images or any other files to an invisible folder quite simple that can only be accessible by opening the app. Along with this the also offer a small collection of themes and wallpapers, you can also use the fake login option to add further more security.

    4. Private Zone

    If you are among those people who want more from a file hiding app then you are in luck, Private Zone is the one. The app not only helps in keeping your stuff hidden but also comes with many different features. WIth the file hiding feature you also get a VPN service, Anti Theft features, custom lock screen option, Boost RAM manager and other privacy controls. The app is impressive and offers the trouble-free experience for the users.

    5. AppLock

    Last but absolutely not the least, AppLock is the app that you will find in most of the smartphones. This app is the most convenient one that comes with the core functionality to serve the best experience to the user. AppLock is lightweight that makes it super fast and transferring the files to the vault is too quick. Besides, the app also enables the user to put an extra lock on the other apps that you want other people to access.

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