• Best Android Apps That You Should Use In 2019

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    • Posted on 28th January 2019
    Best android apps that you should use for 2019

    With the app developments that are occurring at lightning speed, Google Play has been flooded with 2.5 million applications when December 2018 ended. There may be overlapping applications with almost the same applications, but then again, looking at the number of applications that are famous, we could understand that this is a profitable industry.

    This article is a short summary of the best apps that you can install and utilize. Instead of going through the pain of installing all the apps, here lies the short list that you could refer to, and install apps accordingly.

    The Nova Launcher

    Very convenient and smooth to use, this is definitely something that you could use for it is smooth, lightweight, and comes with a plethora of customizations. It is a smooth and lightweight launcher that has its own customizable options. The launcher app may be free to install, but the prime version is used to unlock other features.

    Google Assistant

    This is the Artificial intelligence app that is used to navigate, communicate, make calls, trigger other apps, play games, play apps etc. This app successfully runs on every mobile, regardless of the manufacturer. One of the most efficient apps of this decade, you can even expect personalized results.


    This app uses artificial intelligence and has approximately 250 million users worldwide. It starts to learn what the user wants to type and then starts the predictive message display. There’s autocorrect features up for you, along with an inbuilt GIF search engine. Swiftkey doesn’t store secret passwords, or credit card numbers, or digits that are of importance otherwise.

    Google Duo

    One of the most versatile videos calling applications, you can simply save your number and accordingly dial calls. Unique and fast, this app gives you a great calling experience. It has a unique calling interface called the knock knock, which gives a preview of the caller before receiving the call.


    This one takes down notes in various formats. It has text, photos, audio, video options to take down notes on your convenience. This also has an extra feature to synchronize with the devices that you are using. One of the most essential apps for any android user, this definitely is a smooth experience for every user.

    WPS Office

    This is a free app user interface for all office functions and it includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, memo, Google docs etc. The converter, reader, editor and more come in a compact version. There’s a multiwindow option, with data encryption and other benefits.

    Google News App

    This one makes news personalized, if there is a specific kind of news that you wish to read, this app uses artificial intelligence to get through the task. There’s a full coverage action that helps you to read the news in details and gain complete information about the circumstances. One can even subscribe to various news stations or magazines and be party to specific news and information.

    ES File Explorer

    This is one of the most eminent Android file managers, and it comes with a Space analyzer that helps you understand how much of space is utilized by the app, and then again helps you to free up space.
    Sharing files is also dramatically easy with this interface and is a must use for those who work in office applications.

    Google Drive

    This is one of the most versatile storage applications that can save your life. You could store your work up on the drive and access it from any device. Complete security is provided by this application. You can conveniently browse in through your files and folders, download them according to your need, and this includes any file type almost. There’s a 15 GB free space that is allotted to each user, which is a great deal. An indispensable for any user or an office professional Google drive provides complete ease of data transaction.


    This is a free instant messaging app that is useful when you need to connect to a large group of people. Users can communicate easily just by using the internet service. This is, of course, one of the most leading applications used in India. People often use WhatsApp as a medium to increase connectivity even in offices. It is accessible from the desktop environment also. Often users share pictures, data, information, links, contact and more.


    Easy, convenient, super quick and unlimited tabs make it one of the best browsers to use. There’s an HTML support for the users, quick links to favorite sites, bookmarking facilities and more. There’s even translation facilities and this app is a secure option for internet browsing. Definitely a yes for anyone who surfs the net on a daily basis.


    Talk of quick file transfers and you might think of Bluetooth and email, but no! there’s definitely magic in Xander. Lightning in speed, it transfers heavy file data in a fraction of seconds. There is no need to carry a long USB cable, or even a pen drive anymore. File transfers are quick, convenient and safe. This is approximately a thousand times faster than phone Bluetooth.

    Google Maps

    One of the best friends of anyone who doesn’t know roads well, this app can be a savior. Google maps integrate all the data of streets, locations, places and then accordingly displays it up on the map. Extensive and detailed, this is undoubtedly one of the best utility applications.


    This one has 100 million downloads, so one can definitely understand that it has a lot of benefits. There are overwhelming options to edit your pictures in the desired format. Extensive, with filters, cropping options, texts, tools, and others, this is the haven for those who keep editing their pictures and posting them up on social media.

    Unified Remote

    This app has multiple uses and it helps you to control remote devices like television, air conditioning, and even other computers. Definitely, a must download for all the lazy gadget lovers.  


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