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    Best Photo Editing Apps of 2019

    best photo editing apps of 2019


    As humans are walking down the tunnel of technological inventions, they have their senses altered completely. It is said that the average attention span of a human being now is just a mere 8 seconds. It is so difficult for the ad world to go about and get an advertisement fixed because humans have already lost interest in the first 10 seconds. That is how competitive the market is at this instant. Photos yet have their own way to get through the human mind and stay stuck. This is still good news, that photos speak a thousand words more than words itself. Visual images are truly the best way to market out content because they still stand to be a great way to communicate with people.

    It has to be that the photos have to be of the best quality – because the market out there is ruthless and condescending. You cannot afford to have not so good visual images while you’re marketing. So now the question stands, how far can you modify your images to look extraordinary? How far can you go to make them stand out? Use the best apps available and get the best experience in photo editing.


    Compatible with both iOS and Android, this one is a blessing. It is a free application and is designed for your phones basically. The application has a huge list of free filters, which you can use for editing your pictures. Even better – they have an interface where you can build your own filter. Want noir and vignette punched together? You could use this app! Smart and intuitive, this one is truly the lifesaver. There are bonus features available too – there’s a feature that helps you to get the backgrounds blurry. This one can even fix the brightness, contrast and more at one particular point. It saves up your edit history and could you revert your steps back anytime! Isn’t it a user-friendly blessing!


    Compatible for both iOS and Android platforms, this one is free again. Use this app for classic filters – the photos look like it’s come out fresh out of an analog camera. There’s a subtle look to the filters, that definitely out crosses the Instagram heavy filters, which anyway create a nuisance. There are standard other tools available, and after editing, you could even upload the image to their community.


    This one comes in a free version, followed by a Pro version. Animate your picture like nothing else – this experience is definitely enjoyable. Now blend in your picture with your favorite anime or cartoon backdrops, adjust the warmth and filter according to the mood you feel, and play around as much as you like. The app makes your pictures look like beautiful paintings, and they look as if created by some famous painter. This app uses artificial neural tech to make this possible. There is, of course, an extra community just like Instagram, and you could go ahead and post your pictures there. The best part is, the free version has a lot of filters for you to try!

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    This one is a culmination of many. It punches all good features and serves you a great cocktail. There are a lot of features to deal with, but the entire application is easy to use and absolutely intuitive. It is also absolutely free, unlike the Photoshop brothers which come at a higher price. You could use this on your phones, and even on a small touch screen. Definitely the best for editing any kind of picture – this one is highly recommended.


    Own a food business and want to display your pictures in a way that no one else has done it before? Or a simple Instagram food blogger and want absolutely stunning photos for your blogs? Or is it that you are just a foodie and you love creativity? Well, this app saves your day and helps you in your guilty pleasures. This one will help you work with your food, so there is a bird’s eye view and sole 30 filters dedicated towards your loved partner – food!

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

    This one is for professionals who need high-quality images at all times. Recommended for those who wish to work professionally on picture content, this one is a very reliable option. It comes with several correction facilities and is highly focussed in nature.

    Photo Collage

    This one has thousands of layouts for you to select that will suit your pictures best – do not mistake this to be just any college application, this isn’t something that is ordinary. Designed to fulfill most of your needs, there are a plethora of choices of backgrounds, text types, colors and more.

    Adobe Photoshop Fix

    Ever clicked a photo and you hate the expression about it? Well, the liquefy feature automatically detects the face, and you could now change your facial expression and the fit of it! If you use Creative Cloud, you also get additional benefits here. An absolute must for all the professionals out there who need to work with faces and animation – this app is very versatile and intuitive. There is nothing better than this app when it comes to advanced editing.


    The first declaration is that there isn’t anything wrong with pimples or dark circles, but if you wish to invest into an app that acts as a corrector for some flaws, then you could easily use this application. Whiten up your teeth, or put makeup, this one is smart enough to do it all for you. The only issue is that there are a lot of interruptions that are involved, and the Pro version helps with the removal of this.

    Enlight Photofox

    This one is for the Apple users, and it won the award too. Definitely, this app is the best for all people who want editing at its best.  Blend photos, bring in graphic elements or play around with your pictures, this one can handle it all. The app has featured just like Photoshop but is a lot simpler to deal with.

    Use these apps for a brilliant photo editing experience and fall in love with the pictures you produce.

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