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    Best Streaming Service 2019

    Best Streaming Service 2019


    Streaming services, we use today were started as an add-on for DVD and digital downloads which help you run a movie for the second time. It was basically for the second run but with the rapid development of the internet, internet connections appear to be more stable and fast. With an increase in a number of devices that can stream these videos, the streaming industry witnessed a real boost.

    Streaming services have increased to such an extent that a lot of users are cutting down the Television cords and moving towards the streaming services. But with increasing streaming service provider it is difficult to choose between one and to ease your problem we are here to show you four of the best streaming service providers which are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO.

    Before getting into a streaming service provider, let us look at the biggest advantage of using Streaming service over cable TV. Yes, you guessed it right. It gives you the freedom to start and cancel or subscription any moment you feel is good whereas not all cable TV provider provide you with this option. And you can have an overview that most cable TV provider make you sign a long term contract whereas that’s not the case with streaming services.

    Now let’s get started with the streaming services which are best for you in 2019.


    If you love watching movies or even TV shows, Netflix is must have. Initially starting from distributing DVDs, to marketing and streaming their original content, Netflix is growing rapidly. Most TVs have Netflix apps on them pre-installed and even most streaming boxes include it. Netflix provides you the movies with the best quality which is mostly Ultra HD both on TVs and Tablets.

    With Netflix’s cross-platform support it is easy for users to watch movies and TV shows on their PCs, Mac, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Android device, iOS device, Blu-ray players etc. This feature helps you to have one subscription accessible over all your devices.

    Netflix’s Original library is expanding at an alarming rate and is streaming dozens of award-winning shows which include Orange is the New Black, The Crown, Strange Things, Master of None, House of Cards and a lot of Marvel shows as well.

    If you are thinking of cutting your cable TV, Netflix would be your best life saver. This lifesaver would cost you $9 for a basic plan, $13 for HD plan and $16 for a 4K plan. But before starting your subscription they provide 1-month free trial which ensures you that the service you are getting will be worth it.


    Hulu is similar to Netflix with its original shows as well as the TV shows. Hulu has given us the famous and well-known titles like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and South Park. Hulu also streams titles from NBC, FOX and Comedy Central.

    Alike Netflix, it is also cross-platform and streams on all the devices on which Netflix runs. Additionally, it is the only streaming service which has its app on Nintendo Switch.

    Hulu provides two types of service: one with the standard on-demand streaming and the Hulu with live TV.

    The Standard Streaming service works fine and comes at a subscription of $5.99. Obviously, with this low price for a subscription, it airs the stream with few advertisements, but as we are used to traditional cable, it will not be a big deal.

    Hulu with Live TV is a complete cable TV alternative which is being offered at $39.99 a month and is limited for the US for now. This includes a bunch of live TV channels and 50 hours cloud DVR service with two side to side screens.

    Like Netflix, Hulu doesn’t provide you with a trial period which makes you hit the paywall just at the first attempt.

    Amazon Instant Video / Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon and Netflix are more or like a same and can be referred to as the two sides of the same coin but not completely identical. Their service can be accessed through PC, Mac, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, Xbox One, PS4, etc.

    Amazon also has its own original content, like Netflix, some of which are famous like The Man in the High Castle and Mr. Robot. The major difference between the two competitors is that Amazon Instant Video or Prime videos come with a standard subscription of Amazon Prime which also includes Amazon Music and premium delivery services for their shopping service.

    As far as the subscription charges are concerned, Amazon Prime is available for $10.99 per month and it also offers a one month trial period which can help you decide even better.


    HBO is many times in highlight with their trending shows like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and West World. HBO is having a pretty good content library thanks to its traditional broadcasting model.

    HBO is completely free for the users who have the paid cable subscription of HBO which they say as HBO Go service. But if you want to still have access to the HBO content library without getting the cable connection bills which are pretty massive, you can opt for HBO Now. This helps you to have access to complete library by subscription charge of $15 per month.

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