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    Best Virtual App Assistant for Android

    Best virtual app assistant for android


    Life is easy when technology is handy. We do not like to work hard these days, even looking for apps on the mobile phone can be very difficult. We like the convenience and work simplified for us. For the same, we have developed assistants who will locate things for us on the phone. Already the phone is a luxury device, but now, we want more. This is what modern technology demands, and we have developed the means to fulfill this dream. Virtual app assistants make our life in the digital world easy and convenient, like nothing else. We have a long list of these – Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Home, and all of these have fantastic memory and eligibility. They can virtually handle all your queries, and make life the simplest for you.

    All of these technologies are a result of artificial intelligence, which makes things even better for us. We no longer need to struggle through the drudgery of looking up things in the digital world. The assistant can do it all for you – be it making a call, or looking up the internet, or switching on the mobile torch. Your assistant literally can perform all the tasks, while you can sit back and sip tea. It’s as easy as that. You command, they obey! They could even send the e-mails in impeccable grammar and beat you to your own game.

    You might be thinking it is unfortunate that there’s no Siri for all the android users. Fear not – there’s always other apps to compensate. There’s Google assistant, yes, but then there are other choices available for you up on Play store and the world is pretty dense there. All of these apps are versatile, capable and fun to use! Below is the elaborate list of apps and their associated feature which will help you choose.

    The Google Assistant

    The standard best app for Android, this one is always everyone’s top choice. Reliable, trustworthy, fast and accurate, this one helps you to navigate through all your daily tasks on the phone, and even better – it can tell you a joke. This one runs on all platforms of Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo. But you got to confirm that Google App and Google Play services are updated in your phone, for best results. Google assistant can help you with making calls, sending texts and emails, giving you weather reports, setting alarms and reminders, locate places, provide you with news, web searches and more. You could also play games, ask general trivia, ask them to take selfies for you, click photos, play music and more. It just needs your Okay Google signal to start operating. Easy and intuitive, this one is a must use!

    Lyra Virtual Assistant

    Formerly known as Indigo, this is an intelligent and intuitive android help app. It helps to make calls, send texts, tell you jokes, play YouTube videos, manage your personal journal, set alarms and more. It even has translation services for you. This one can maintain across the platform, and talk across several devices. There are almost no errors when you are conversing with this one. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in the app, so it is absolutely delightful to use.

    Microsoft Cortana

    This is efficient and can help you with your daily chores. It will help you with your emails, reminders, tasks, notes, lists and more. Cortana can help you with your mails especially if you are using Microsoft Outlook for your emails. Versatile, swift and intuitive, Cortana using experience is great. Cortana also helps you with your internet searches, calls you by your name, and also helps you finish all complicated tasks with just a hey Cortana call. News, appointment, weather, whatever you call it, Cortana is built to make your life simple. There is also a new app called Notebook, which monitors how much the app learns about you. This app is definitely loved!


    This one is built to mimic Jarvis, from Iron Man, and it does it well. The entire setup is absolutely geeky and is yet perfectly reliable for use. This one can handle all your calls, internet surfing and more. Try using your voice, or keyboard for action. This one comes with a bonus – it posts Facebook statuses for you! You could also click photos and post them with the help of this app.

    Databot Assistant

    By far the best Android assistant, this one is to die for. You could ask it anything – the rich database ensures that all your doubts are answered. Swift, efficient, this one can deal with all your modes- relaxing, traveling, and reading. It also uses the cross-platform, so you could access it from your tablet, or phone, or laptop. Engage in the world of superior technology with Databot Assistant.


    Built to challenge Siri, this one is for the Android people. This one is helpful, as it can navigate roads for you. It keeps on learning about your preferences, and this makes it incredibly smart. Hands-free operation of the phone is possible when you are using Robin. Absolutely versatile in dexterity, this one is good for all kinds of work, emailing, texting, navigating, posting, reminders, alarms and more. You could wave at it to get it started, or even use the microphone to initiate it. Amazingly easy and efficient, this is a must app for all the android users.


    Running only in the English version, this app is meant to inform you about all the current notifications in your phone. This one can tell you about the weather, the forecast, and can help you make calls and more. Still not that evolved, this one is running towards perfection. This one also has ads and in-app purchases, so you might not have a smooth interface while operation.


    This one has a free version and a pro version. The free version helps you to access the mails, texts, surf the internet and more, while the paid one helps you with controlling the television and more. It supports the English and German languages.



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