• Do you have what it takes to be an ‘APPRENEUR’?

    • Amy
    • Posted on 22nd January 2019

    Earlier parents used to think that the only good and safe profession is either a doctor or engineer. The kids were pushed into these professions to have the maximum job security and the money. But the times are changing. Innovation and creativity are finally gaining the right amount of enthusiasm. With the success stories of many entrepreneurs, many of us think it’s just luck that has made them this successful. But to reach the top ladder, an immense amount of hard work. The success doesn’t come out easy. It takes a huge amount of patience along with the talent and hard work.
    You know not all ideas are amazing. After failing a lot of times you finally get that one mind-blowing idea. With the advent of technology, the start-ups are more focussed towards e-commerce and app development. The app industry is one of the fastest growing industries. So much that a new word is coined for the people who have business ideas involving app development- Appreneur. This requires one to have all the qualities whether it is intricate or external.
    Following are some traits that are really important for becoming the Appreneur:

     Fast Thinking

    you need to have the best idea to start with. If you’re the technology is moving at a faster pace than you should look into the mobile industry. The growth of the mobile industry is moving at such a faster pace that by the time you think of the idea and develop the idea and implement it, the product might already be out of fashion. Even after you launch the app, there has to be made changes according to advances. So you don’t get enough time to think on the matter. You have to be constantly flexible and ready to go if you want to be successful in this mobile app industry.


    make sure you have properly researched about the product or service you want to start your business in. sometimes, businessmen make a mistake of understanding their customer’s wrongfully. So instead of going at all the functions all at once, focus on just the one. Make sure you give your 100% in making that one function perfect as well as great. Thus, simplicity means keeping the business simple in ways where you do not add much of the frills, making the business a perfect one.

    Monetization Strategy

    the business models of the mobile app business are very tricky. Making money with these is equally tricky. Even you must have hated when you have to buy the app instead of downloading them for free. So it’s become difficult for the app developers as they have to make constant changes at a low cost so that it doesn’t increase the price for the consumers. Therefore, you should make an app that is free to download but more in-app ads or premium up gradation, that can attract more users.


    it is one of the most important aspects required for being an Appreneur. So you need to adopt from time to time by adding new features and removing the less popular ones. This is relevant from the point of view of the customers that you provide him with the best and perfect product or service. You need to have a flexible mind, embrace change beautifully and satisfy the changing needs of the customers.

     Good Marketing

    for any kind of business is it traditional or the advanced one. No matter what business you are in, marketing is one of the most important activities that you need to perform. All your efforts would be a complete waste if you fail to have a good marketing strategy. Good marketing has the power to sell off a product that might not be that good. So always make sure that you have a good marketing strategy. The problem is that the mobile industry is totally different and thus requires a different tactic for marketing. You need to select your target audience carefully. You need to hit the potential users with the right kind of message. Another aspect to keep in mind is the search marketing and the app store optimization. So, instead of just wasting money haphazardly anywhere in any of the places, invest in campaigns that are going to generate sales for you and improve sales and revenue.

    All these skills are very important whether it is for Android or iOS. Apart from these skills you need to have basic business management, communication, branding, and finance skills. The mobile industry is new and ever-changing. You need to be all kind of managers all at once. You have to be from CEO to the general manager, from finance manager to the human resource manager, everything. This is integral until you become very successful in your business.
    A bit of advice: being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of patience. Your idea may not be a kick starter at first but with the right strategy, you will be successful. Make sure to follow the above guidelines and maintain the skills and no one can stop you from achieving the zenith. Work hard and smart both at the same time. Good luck!


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