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    How to Come Up With a Great Start-Up Idea?

    How to come up with a great start-up idea


    A brilliant idea can take you ahead with millions. An idea can truly change a life if worked upon. A lot of people gained success and fame with just one single idea that grew to be successful. One may often ask how does one even come up with a unique idea – like the Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Garret Champ’s Uber. These ideas have grown to become such fundamental start-ups, that people find life impossible without the presence of these functions.  To create a system on which the human is so dependent that he cannot live without it is probably the code to success. But this raises a vital question – how does one step upon such an idea? How does the idea work out? How does one churn it into business?

    A Business is Always a Solution

    This is one of the biggest barriers that one comes upon when it comes to discovering the next important thing. Who brings in the idea of an idea?

    The answer to this is easy – business would be anything that would solve an existing problem. Be it a fault of communication, be it increasing convenience, a business should help solve a problem for the greater good. This concept not only applies to a start-up, but this is all related to inventions and how the world has been working so far. The need to cook meals, keep oneself warm, led to the discovery of fire, the need to travel easily led to the discovery of the wheel, the need to write led to the discovery of the pen and so on. Everything was need-based, hence start-up doesn’t fall too far from this categorization either. The entire challenge is to find a problem that you would love to fix – that’s the passion element to it.

    Maintaining a Problem Journal

    The idea of researching a problem is elaborate. Instead of finding a problem, you could encounter problems. That is, write down the problem every time you face it. Do you love waiting for your transport? I am sure you don’t. write that down. Do you love your housework? It is easy to find a maid? How quickly do you find an apartment for rent? Are flight services too expensive? Keep writing the huge list of problems that you are facing, and this would be your business idea. The idea of easy communication and networking led to the birth of Facebook and the idea of getting a cab right to your door helped the birth of Uber. Both of these are so indispensable, that we can’t imagine of life before their existence.

    What You Can do to Step on That Great Idea

    There are a million things that are still troubling the world. There are a million things that can be resolved. One simply needs to act on the idea, and proceed with it. Maybe pick one idea at a time, and go through it. Check which one is your favorite. Check which one makes a difference to your life. Don’t think too much about the consequences, the impact, the money you can make, etc. Keep drawing your ideas and test the prototypes. Maybe even make modifications on your existing plans to make the situation work out in your favor. The entire plan has to be solved from you to the others, first consider how you would like getting it solved, then move on to solve it for the others. There might a quite a lot of approaches to this situation, you will just have to figure it out, which one solution fits into the problem. It might click just like the start-ups of Uber, Zomato and more.

    Discover Passion in the Problems

    Don’t make it a monotonous dead case, and certainly don’t dissect the problems uninterested. Make the problem your passion. The problem definitely has to interest you. It has to be something that keeps you up at night. Because business is not easier said and done, it demands your full attention and focus. You might be stuck in solving the problem or making changes to it for a very long time. What will help you to get through? Well, the answer is passion. It is the passion that helps you to sail through the difficult times.

    The Birth of a New Problem

    Some start-ups don’t even work on an existing problem. They create new ones for you. And they sell on the basis of that. A lot of people do not go into the hassle of discovering a problem, and then go down to cater it. They simply build something that people do not need, but they believe they do need it. This is yet another approach – successful and definitely brilliant.

    Look at the Statistics

    Go back and study each start-up successes. There might be a thousand start-ups that come alive every day and then die a quick death. The reason is, they didn’t have enough solutions to the problem, or they got the problem wrong. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, name one, and you will see how they have grown from small start-up companies to giant companies who run the world today. Innovation is the bottom line of all of these companies. Each of them has something absolutely unique in them. They have something unique to offer.

    The Learning Curve Gets Steeper

    While innovation might be one wing to it, the other wing that is compulsory is to learn. Without this, the bird won’t fly. One needs to keep learning about a lot of things, which may or may not be even related to his field of work. A lot of research expands the entire horizon of problem-solving. It solves the entire crisis of knowledge base that you might be facing, and it might give you answers point blanc.

    So the most important key ingredients of any start-up would be what you would love to solve, a problem that is personal to you that you would want to solve, and of course some project that is scalable and solves the problems for a lot of people.

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