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    How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps?

    With 89% higher chance of better ROI from influencer marketing, there’s no way you can miss out on choosing this amazing marketing strategy.

    How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps?

    It is not very uncommon that one would own a mobile app and not know how to market it. Moreover, it is important that the world knows about your app. But this can only be achieved if you have quality and proven marketing strategies up your sleeve.


    One of the best strategies today is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing provides you exactly what you need to promote your app to all social media users. The influencer finds your target customer base and showcases your product in an alluring manner, thus attracting the attention of many prospective users. While it is important to hire a good mobile app designer, it is also of utmost significance to have it marketed right via influencer marketing.


    What is Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps?


    Influencer marketing is a way in which you find an expert social influencer in the field of your business and ask them to recommend your product (mobile apps) to a large audience. This word of mouth propagated by someone most people trust leads to thousands of people getting to know about the application. 


    A social media influencer is a person who has managed to work towards building a loyal following on various social media platforms. They do this by showcasing their online content creation and expertise in a particular field, thus gaining the trust of their followers. 

    An influencer who is already well known in the market simply leverages their position to recommend your app. These influencers can be social media stars, bloggers, celebrities, or anyone who has been doing this for a long time and has a lot of followers. The commonest platforms that can be used are Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat. 


    For instance, let’s consider that you have a beauty related app and there are lots of makeup artist influencers all over Instagram and YouTube. All you need to do is collaborate with the one you like the most and get mobile influencer marketing started!

    Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?


    Your target audience is bombarded with information every now and then. It is important to give them some genuinely useful piece of information so that they start inclining towards taking a shot at what you’re offering. 

    It has been noted that anonymous advertising hasn’t affected the audience as much as a human face and a recognized source of information has. A real person (influencer) standing before a crowd and advertising and recommending a product is, of course, a great way to get things going. 


    Influencers are the people who attract the interest of the audience easily. Thus, when they are standing out there recommending your mobile app, in all probabilities, you are getting a complete organic audience. According to a  survey, almost 60% of people are more likely to buy a product when recommended by someone on YouTube.


    Moreover, stories always stick with people – give the narrator a face, help the audience connect with them, and then ride on your chariot to success. Find amazing storytellers who can deliver the product on your behalf, thus forming a bridge between you and the target audience.


    How to Go About it?


    There are some guidelines that need to be followed while structuring an influencer marketing strategy. You will be collaborating with another person to stand in front of a crowd and deliver your product. Follow these basic instructions to successfully run the campaign.

    1. Setting up targets

    You will have to have to set a target – how many people do you want to reach out to? What will be the goal of a post? Before asking the Instagrammer to promote your mobile app, see how many followers they have and whether or not the influencer has expertise in your field.

    This is important because let’s say you want to promote a gaming app, but your influencer is a beauty expert. Why would someone trust a beauty expert to recommend a gaming app? It would be better if you find a gaming expert influencer. This way, the word will reach out to your target audience and create a better impact.

    2. Selecting the right platform

    You need to know who your target audience is and which social media platform they use. After getting through with the platform, understand the features and benefits of each platform. Platforms like Twitter allow limited text, while Instagram doesn’t allow link sharing. Knowing these pros and cons will help you go ahead with the finalizing of which platform you will select for your influencer to recommend your product.

    3. Narrating a story

    You must hire someone who has great storytelling capabilities. It is said that people have a short attention span of 7 seconds, and to hold it for longer, you would need attentive storytelling qualities in your script.

    4. The element of freedom

    You might have to let the influencer do his story his own way. Giving the influencer some amount of creative freedom might help the show run better. They have a characteristic way of doing things, which has led to them having so many followers. Allowing them to do their gig is a great way to set things in the right place.


    Final Thoughts


    These days people use social media actively and the reach is outstanding. It has become obvious that all brands use this platform to reach out to a wider audience. The trick is to humanize the advertisement so that people can relate to it. Platforms might be forgotten, but influencers are here to stay – this is one of the most strategic ways to get a great boost for your mobile app. And as always, stay tuned with AppMystery for your daily dose of quality information.


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