• How User Behavior Impacts E-Commerce Industry

    How user behavior impacts E-commerce industry

    For any e-commerce industry, the chief factor that impacts them is user behavior. This fast moving world needs to keep track of user behavior and performance, if one has to stay in track. To help identify the user behavior, mobile app development companies have been working relentlessly to ensure user engagement.  The sole motive of this, is to gain global attention of viewers.

    As of now, more than 40% of the transactions have been made over the internet, and with time it has been predicted that the total traffic who shall conduct online transactions would be about 80% by the year of 2020. With this, the online audience has also expanded from 60% to 80% just over a time period of two years.

    This huge influx of online viewers have made it a point to work together and create advancements in this field. They have also made the technology flow in a way that the audience wouldn’t need to open a website every time to access it.

    Thus it becomes so important to understand how user behavior affects the e-commerce industry. And a great application can attract huge number of users too.

    How far does mobile attract users?

    Enhanced technological apps can be defined by some high end apps that are leading the market now, for example, Amazon, Flipkart, OLX eBay, Nykaa and more. They have great popularity among people, and they urge in more audience views.

    In today’s world, everyone is absolutely addicted to smartphones, which obviously makes them completely dependent on apps that run smoothly in the smartphone interface. Applications are covering their all round requirement – with no need to depend on attribute and other interfaces.

    Thus, when companies are hiring their developers, they always ensure that the candidate is well acquainted with user interface. This broad category usually involves the usability, experience, overall looks, and of course the feel of using the application.

    All of these factors have to be taken care of despite the marketing efforts – because marketing can only attract audience to the application, but cannot keep them hooked to the app. For that, one would need a great interface to keep people stuck to using the application.

    If the UX is not desirable, then the companies and their applications will automatically land up losing their viewers and customers.

    mobile attract users

    User experience in application:

    All mobile app development services should remember that UX is primarily important. If the application is designed in an user friendly manner, then the customer will definitely be hooked on to it. All customers like to work on user friendly applications – no one wants to work on a complex interface. Thus in situations such as there wherein the customer is controlling the sales of the app, one should be aware of the customer needs and the demands. It is obvious that this data wll help a company gain an upper hand in the business.

    In fact, one can even work on a model that is similar to one of the giant companies – for example, we have seen Snapchat borrow features from Facebook and Instagram. The bottom line essence should be that the customer should find satisfaction while operating the application.

    Thus the importance of have great UX can be summarized in the following points:

    UX is of immense benefit to any company. These are the pointers that every mobile app developing company should work on.

    Working simplicity with various operations

    Visual elements that are used in effective manner

    Feedback options present where the user can send in their feedback and help to improve their application

    Better and cleaner presentation for menus

    Supporting design in a great format so that others can make full use of it.


    The strategies to be kept aligned with:

    Any e-commerce company works because of its accessibility, desirability, usability, promotion and branding of the app. In such a case, other important factors to be kept in mind are,

    USP: this is what can help the application progress drastically. What is the one extra factor that makes your app stand out? Why should customers prefer you over the others? This will bring forward the actual importance of the application that you have designed.

    Voice of the brand: your brand does the talking for you. People generally trust an established brand over anything else. How the brand communicates, how the brand provides services, make sense to the customers.

    Understanding the target audience: this is yet another important factor that must be kept in mind – when an application is launched, it must be kept in mind to direct it to the right viewers. This would increase the sales of the app.

    Sales and marketing channels: the selling is dependent on the promotional  channels that we stick to – hence this is yet another important determinant of what we are following to increase sales.

    This is why companies hire experienced mobile app developing agencies who can help the companies gain a better understanding of the audience and their needs. Hence it is extremely important to take note of what the customers are saying in e-commerce business.

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