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    I have an Idea for a Mobile App, but where do I start?

    I have an Idea for a Mobile App, but where do I start


    App Entrepreneurs are creating millions of dollars, every day. Their innovative and creative apps are making way to billions of smartphones, worldwide.

    Mobile apps like Shazam, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go, and recently PUBG and their quality is an idea for several to become a freelance businessperson.

    Coming up with an app plan is simple, working out what to try and do next is that the exhausting part.

    However, several of those aspiring app entrepreneurs are uninformed concerning getting started with mobile app development, that is obvious from the queries that we tend to receive (very often).

    By the end of this text, you’ll have priorities you would like to handle if your app idea is prepared to go. everyone needs plenty of time and energy, however, if you’ll be able to knock them out of the park, you’ll be on your way to beginning the app business of your dreams.

    Understanding and Validating your Idea

    An idea is typically an answer (a supply of recreation, inspiration, education, connecting folks etc.). Therefore, before you create your mind for development, make sure if your plan is:

    • Resolving the drawback of the people,
    • If the targeted drawback is authentic and typical,
    • What’s the scalability scope of an app in the future, that means how far you can go with this Business?
    • How can it complement the revenue model etc?

    So, don’t jump to conclusions, unless you verify your app plan for the aforesaid factors. For ratifying the concept, you’ll perform a survey amongst targeted audiences, meet them over occasional, be a part of online forums (Quora, Reddit etc.) to spot loopholes, and opportunities of your project, in a route.

    Understanding Risk

    Launching an app isn’t a game, it’s a business move. It takes a great deal of dedication, time, and money. The primary issue you would like to work out is how committed you’re to your idea or app.

    An app startup comes with each high rewards and high risks. Developing an app may be a life-changing call, however at a similar time, if you’re not absolutely committed and don’t perceive the chance involved — you may lose thousands of bucks and months of it slow.

    Answer these 3 questions to discern how committed you actually are

    • How much time are you willing to pay out of your busy life?
    • How much cash are you willing to invest?
    • Would you be ruined if your startup is unsuccessful tomorrow?

    Conceptualizing your Idea

    Possibly, your app is one-of-its-kind or AN app with connected practicality already exists. within the latter case, you wish to outline the differentiating options of your app, however, those functionalities will add price to your app, what are the user roles, however, can the user navigate at intervals the app, wherever would they have a walkthrough etc.

    In this section of conceptualization, you’ll outline options of your Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is that the initial version of your app, with minimum (but most essential) options and practicality.

    Innovation is the Key for the Long Term

    There are over two million apps within the App Store, thus unneeded to mention, it’s exhausting to urge discovered. The sole way to win Long Term success is to understand what makes your app distinctive and innovative. It doesn’t get to be the primary of its kind, however, there ought to be an angle that differentiates you from the gang.

    Answer these 3 inquiries to begin brainstorming

    • What will your user want/need?
    • How will your app solve that pain point?
    • What different solutions are available other than the normal one?

    From there, you’ll get inventive with particular electronic communication. Detain line along with your whole and highlight why users ought to transfer your app over a competitor’s.

    Remember, it’s impractical to say that you’re “better” than existing solutions on the market. specialize in what causes you to completely different.

    Creating Business Model out of your Idea

    Remember, you’re not simply building an app. You’re launching a product and a business. meaning a business model canvas is key to the method.

    If you’re simply beginning your business, don’t worry concerning making an in-depth business set up, you only ought to figure out the fundamentals and the way they work together first.

    To use the Business Model Canvas, you need to take your idea in detail into a paper. Your Idea needs to be displayed into a single paper and should be simple and easy to understand. So that you can start working on the next step of building an App Business.

    Prototyping your idea into an App

    The next step is to elaborate on the concept, practically. For this, you’ll be able to transfer prototyping tools that facilitate making mock-ups for your app. making a prototype for mobile app development can supply a variety of advantages like:

    Design a rough, practicable UI/UX of the app wherever you’ll be able to add micro-behaviors like gestures, animations, transitions, scrolling etc. Once that’s done, you’ve got a dummy for the app to require feedback and gift to the investors.

    Selecting Development Co-Founders

    After Prototyping and making a dummy app for your actual app, you need to figure out that in which all platforms your app will reach?

    And after deciding that, you’ll need to find a Partner, especially a Developer partner who knows how to code out the app

    Ideas pull the trigger, however, execution masses the gun. and so, selecting the correct development partner is one in each of the crucial steps in giving life to your idea. For this, you have got have a listing of queries that you just have to be compelled to raise them, which can include:

    • The method used for mobile app development (DevOps are preferred)
    • The core space expertise and their experience that may be evaluated through portfolio
    • The non-disclosure agreement in order that you’ll be able to confidentially share your app plan with them
    • Ways to speak with team, timelines, possession code and connected queries.


    “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.” John Doerr, Venture Capitalist

    The hardest a part of initiating is execution. you’ll be able to have the most effective app plan in the world, however, it means that nothing if it solely stays in your head.

    So, take the primary step, work out how committed you’re, and begin creating your mark from there.

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