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    Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Development

    Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Development


    We are in an era where technological advancement is at its full pace and new technologies are coming in the market every now and then. And one such technology introduced back in 2018 which is now almost present in the very field is “Artificial Intelligence”. AI is getting advanced and is getting collaborated with Mobile App Development bringing in many impacts on the industry. And we are here to discuss these effects on the multi-dollar industry which is evolving day by day.

    AI is being integrated with mobile app development to help the user with the day to day issues faced by the user while using the mobile app. We have powerful personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant which can act as a connection between the natural human brain and the computer systems.

    AI has entered mobile app development as AI based or AI-powered solutions which help the companies to evolve their models and bring in new innovations.

    Improving User Experience

    User experience is one of the foremost things when it comes to mobile apps. If the user experience is not good the users will be driven away very quickly and there comes AI for the rescue. Ai infused mobile apps logs the data while you use the app and further analyzes that data to find a behavior pattern which can help gain engagement with the app.

    AI helps in improving the user experience by interacting with the user while there is some problem. According to a study, AI is more efficient in terms of solving queries of the user than that of customer care and it is observed that 95% of customer care services will be replaced by AI by 2025.

    Improves Automation

    AI helps in automation of specific tasks which are to completed and require skills set level equivalent to that of a human brain. For example, automation can help in finding out the best routes available based on the data presentation of the nearby areas. AI is here to help us and to remove human controls.

    Helps with daily Applications

    There is wide use of AI in daily applications which helps add useful features. AI can help in providing an alternative of human brain like while uploading an image on the social network, it can help in tagging your friends by identifying the faces. AI can be used in apps related to travel and tourism to provide a realistic look and feel using augmented reality.

    Post-Launch Recommendations

    After the app is launched and has reached the targeted audience, it is important to keep the audience engaged with the users and improve profitability. And to do this task the best option one can recommend is AI. With implementing AI here, you can provide time to time notifications and offers to the users which they are searching for and are interested in. This allows you to keep in touch with users and also increase our sales with offers. Most of the mobile apps fail in this area which leads to its downfall.

    Reduces Error

    AI can be used in a field of mobile apps where intense attention is to provide reducing the errors while performing the task. AI can be used in solving intense calculation where one value can change the outcome completely.

    Natural Interactions

    AI is used widely used in this field as most of the mobile app uses speech recognition, voice commands, facial recognition and a lot more which requires interaction with humans in a most different form. AI is now capable enough to parse the information which is passed in the local dialect and is not the same everywhere.

    Improves Security

    AI can be proved very helpful when comes to the security of vital data such as payment details. AI can handle this kind of information without any security threats and even reduce the chances of the errors in data communication with the help of different algorithms.

    Till now we discussed the points where AI helped us a lot with the mobile app development, but as every coin has two sides, there are some cons of AI which are discussed below.

    Absence of Creativity

    AI are like human brains but are not human brains and has some limitation and can provide you data but taking the most of that data is up to the developers. AI cannot design your apps even though they can provide different parameters to be kept in mind to provide the app maximum engagement level.


    One of the most important factors which come in the way of development is the cost. AI is helpful but first, it has to be made and maintained properly which is very expensive for small developers to use becoming a hurdle for many.

    Vital Judgement

    AI is the most powerful tool which can be used in the field where it requires calculations and arguments. But even the smartest bot fails when it comes to the decisions which are to be made keeping in mind human feelings. And this can result in a big flaw in some cases.

    Changing Environment

    We humans learn the most from our experience and change with the changing environment around us but this is not the case with AI. AI can help you store the data but using it to learn and implementing it in the new scenario around is not possible in mobile app development organizations.

    Mobile App development is the area where AI can have maximum benefits when used in a proper manner and is very powerful as discussed above. Artificial Intelligence with its future upgrades will be even more powerful and will be capable to transform the mobile app industry completely.

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