• Mobile App Expenditure And Install Expected To Grow 65% By 2020

    • akash
    • Posted on 26th December 2018
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    We all know about  the mobile app technology revolution and how the industry is rapidly growing. But, the latest prediction given by AppsFlyer shows how fast the industry will dominate the world. The Mobile app expenditure and revenue are expected to grow by 65 percent between 2018 and 2020. According to the SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, the app installs and advertising expenditure will reach to $64.1 billion by 2020. This means the app install spend every year is growing with the average of 34 percent per year.

    According to the shared report, the app expenditure will hike up to $12.9 billion only in the US by 2020. Besides, the non-organic installs are expected to grow by 110 percent till  2020. All these surges will largely affected by the gaming and shopping apps that collectively hold 40 percent of the all non-organic installs.

    credit- AppsFlyer

    The technology advancements play a vital part in this growth as more advanced mobile devices are available to the users. The gaming apps are leveraging the AR/VR and other the latest mobile trends to allure the users. On the other m Commerce is also pacing up with the gaming industry and will play a significant role  in the coming time. Similarly, the video streaming apps after the Netflix and HBO are also contributing to the overall mobile app expenditure.

    Considering the current situation of mobile app industry researchers believe that the marketers will get enormous opportunities in the coming time due to growing ad spend. The ballooning app usage and an increasing number of apps are only multiplying the app install and expenditure.

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