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    Now Apple Music Users Can Get Their ‘ Music Year In Review’

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    One thing that the Apple music users envy of the Spotify is definitely the year in review given by the app. Spotify users can get the review of their whole year music streaming pattern and know what and whom they have listened the most. But, now the Apple users can also do the same as there is a new app that supports this feature. The app named ‘Music Year’ In Review can bring you all the details about your Apple Music experience in 2018.

    NoiseHub, the music social network is behind the app that helps the Apple Music users to get their music streaming service details. The app calculates the time you have spent on Apple Music in a very detailed manner. With the help of this app you can see how many minutes you have streamed the music, the songs, and artist you have listened the most and much more.

    Once you have download the app, it gets synchronized with your Apple Music account to get the data. The app tells you that how many new artists you have found or started listing this year. To acquire all the details you need to create a card that shows the list containing all your Apple Music streaming data of the last year. The card shows the top songs/artists you have listened the most, the minutes you have spent on the most streamed song. Besides, it also contains your top five songs and artists on Apple Music.  

    The generated card can be shared over social media where your family and friends can also see it. Compared to Spotify’s Wrapped this app offers a more detailed look to your music streaming pattern. However, if you are still not satisfied, then you can go for Playtime App that gives a more in-depth information about your music streaming habits.

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