• The Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for 2019

    • Amy
    • Posted on 11th March 2019
    The top 10 social media management tools for 2019

    Today, a social media presence is very important for any organization. But which social media tool should you use? With the present list of social media management tools, any beginner or advanced learner will be confused! To resolve the issue, we have a list of top social media management tools. For any good social media management tool, we have three basic features that should be judged. Publishing and RSS integration, social engagement, and good analytics reporting – these three features stand core to any good social media management tool. Below listed are the following tools that you could consider the top ones:


    Comprehensive, yet easy, this one has all the features that social media management tools should have. There are also extras with that – an auto-posting feature, wherein there are smart queues, social inbox, RSS feeds, content curation, Canva integration, free image library, URL condensers and more.

    eClincher has a fantastic RSS system, along with a very robust publishing system. The auto post automatically queues up posts, for the next few months. You could even recycle content, publish the blogs as per importance, and there is even a choice of scheduling everything on a virtual calendar. You can even auto link up the free image stock, animated gif and the videos if you want. It has excellent social media management also – with tweets, comments, texts very well channelized into further communication.


    This is a well-established platform, with great features. There are options of engagement, analytics, team features, and it integrates all major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. It has basic publishing features, that allow you to sequence, and it doesn’t allow recycling of the posts. There is also a newly launched social media manager, which is similar to eClincher, but unfortunately, it is more expensive. There is also a limited team feature, where one person gives the teammates permission to access or even post.

    Sprout Social

    This combines the concept of several social media managers. It has the basics of monitoring, analytics, scheduling, and other things that come with it. It is extremely flexible when it comes to publishing; it publishes the post, and with it comes the statistical data of each post. This one doesn’t have auto-posting.

    Social engagement for this is great – it has a social inbox, social monitoring, keyword search features, and more. The team features are very basic and that is not much to it.


    This has been around since 2008, and it has an amalgamation of all the good features. Content curation, organization, RSS integration, and Scheduling are some of the features that it holds. There is bulk scheduling that is available for this manager – there is an option where you can post in bulk. There is also a recycling feature available for you. You could even create quizzes, contests and more with this.

    There is no social inbox, and you have to engage with the customers manually. There is a basic team feature, and it supports Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google+, YouTube to name a few.



    This has been built keeping in mind the agencies. It has a CRM feature, along with a Smart Queue which helps you to Auto Post. There is a smart recommendation post too. They do have the social media engagement inbox, and they have the online ears too, they help you to hunt down keywords. They allow you to see the entire conversation history with your customers.

    Social Pilot

    Basic features for this one too remains constant – bulk scheduling, RSS integration, auto-publishing are some of them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the feature of the Auto post and smart queues. It doesn’t have the social media inbox either but has content feeds, where one can browse through. They even have a client connect system that makes things dramatically easy.

    Agora Pulse

    With several useful features, like publishing, social engagement, listening, team collaboration, Agora Pulse is definitely a bonus. There is an auto post scheduler, which one can use to indefinitely keep posting. There is also the provision to add labels on the content, also so that they can be retrieved easily. One can also interact with each and every follower using the social media inbox feature. There are also monitoring and keyword search options.

    There are no influencer features, however, but this has a basic team sharing feature. One can assign messages to clients, and this manager also supports platforms like Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.


    Just as the name suggests, this one has a social calendar feature. This entire platform is built to help you schedule the posts. This is one of the top blogs on content marketing also, making it an added benefit.

    This has all the basic publishing features, and a queue, that keeps scheduling only the top posts of your history.

    There isn’t any social engagement feature for this one again, unfortunately. There is a special dashboard where you can interact with each client, there are reusable task templates, custom reports, and more.


    This is an automated bot almost when it comes to social media management because it makes recommendations for you through a series of chat messages. You could even make it auto-schedule your posts.

    There is a basic scheduling tool, but it lacks in queues, posting, and RSS integration. This is more built in favor of social engagement. There are following, unfollowing, and automated DMs that make this platform unique to use. There is no way to look for influencers when using this tool though. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.


    Definitely a specialist in scheduling content, this one has a unique way to operate. It groups up all the content, into distinct specific categories, and then fills up the slots with the requisite content.  It is narrowly focussed on publishing, and it does have a clever Auto post function. There is also an ever greening option. It doesn’t have a social engagement option on the contrary. There are no client management sections either.


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