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    Top 11 Amazing Mobile App Startup Ideas

    Top 11 Amazing Mobile App Startup Ideas


    Do you need to begin your own business during an exceedingly mobile app? There are much new business chances accessible for you to begin your own venture in mobile app phase.

    Mobile apps are progressively changing into a section of our lives. consistent with mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile sales grew fifty-eight last year. This trend is anticipated to continue this year yet.

    You need to work out what your app can do. Coupons? Special deals? Scheduling? the professional Mobile app developer can assist you to find out the most effective strategy for your projected mobile app.

    This article can facilitate to work out the good ideas so as to form an app that solves the matter. you’ll take inspiration from victorious business models like Uber, Instacart etc. to developer your own business model.

    In case if you have already got tiny business with success for years and currently need to begin the mobile app to expand your tiny business this article can assist you to grasp however you’ll start with the mobile app.

    In 2020, mobile apps are projected to get 188.9 billion U.S. Dollars in revenues through app stores and in-app advertising.

    Voice Based & IOT Start-up Apps

    With the recognition of voice-enabled technology like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s home pod many start-ups are choosing innovative ideas to integrate these technologies into daily lives.

    Here are Some Examples

    • Smart Home App
    • Air quality control app
    • Smart office apps
    • Smart building apps

    AR (Augmented Reality) Apps

    Augmented reality is that the results of victimization technology to use some data (sounds, images, text) to the $64000 world we tend to are accustomed to seeing.

    As indicated by world business Analysts, the worldwide marketplace for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) Apps is anticipated to attain US$3.9 billion by 2020.

    AR app concepts could also be enforced in such spheres as Interior style, industry, eating place business, Health Care, business enterprise etc.

    Housecraft, IKEA Place, Pokémon Go, and geometrician Lands square measure nice samples of AR in business and game apps.


    Business Bots / Chat Bots Apps

    Chatbots enable higher client service. for instance, Starbucks makes it simple to order a drink or snack employing a chatbot. bot tells you once your drink is prepared and also the total value of the order.

    Mastercard’s Facebook traveler but will inform you of the way a lot of you spent on restaurants this month.

    Effective interaction by means that of chatbots is projected to rise from two-hundredths in 2017 to ninety-three in 2022.

    They are quite simple to develop as there’s no have to be compelled to worry regarding complicated UI style. So, why do not produce one for your business?

    VR (Virtual Reality) Apps

    Virtual Reality doesn’t relate to only the industry. nowadays it’s applied in several industries together with Education, Healthcare, Air and house, Marketing, Journalism, Travel, property, Trade, and Automotive.

    For example, VR helps folks to beat fears of crowds, heights, address, etc. they will follow in an exceedingly safe virtual atmosphere and find accustomed things which will happen in reality. folks will create a virtual tour to Paris or everywhere the planet due to teaching tool Google Expeditions.

    Now it’s your flip.

    Virtual Reality

    Smart Home Controller

    With all that buzz regarding IOT (Internet of Things) these days, one among the most effective factor that came with its “smart homes” and this can be probably to grow at an enormous rate in 2018. thus it might be an excellent plan to make an app which will connect with all of your sensible home devices and manage them. As for now, each sensible home tech incorporates a totally different app for lights a unique app and for curtains a unique.

    Car Pooling App

    One of another attention-grabbing construct that’s turning out within the travel business is carpooling. The business plan needs solely an investment to create the platform and that is it. The market remains untapped and therefore the solely identified player within the business is Ball automotive. during this app model, a user will request the ride with the automotive owner and that they will chat with him. The rider conjointly gets the notification once the automotive is regarding the arrival and therefore the app also ought to share the geolocation furthermore. Carpooling is changing into future huge factor as this can be the most effective thanks to fighting the traffic drawback and it’ll scale back the general value for any user.

    Event Planning Apps

    Do you have what it takes to be an occasion organizer? does one love serving to folks organize events? Then you’ll be able to choose an app which will facilitate folks in organizing an occasion and can conjointly send the invite to others to attend the event. the associate app will facilitate increase the group action by sharing the even over social media and by causing the invite by email and phone numbers.

    This is an excellent and massive chance marketplace for those that love event coming up with and in later stages, you’ll be able to expand to a business event coming up with, the party coming up with or wedding coming up with. The model is simple and doesn’t need significant funding or investment to start out.

    Restaurant Reservation App

    Why must you miss an opportunity to dine at an excellent place? For fulminant plans. this app can supply a graphical layout of pubs and restaurants within the close space and also the user is able to book a selected table for a selected time ahead.


    Health Inspector App

    Everyone goes to their doctor for normal medical up, however, they need to recollect and create appointments for themselves so as to try and do that. Health inspector is one in every of the simplest health apps that may save the user’s doctor’s range and consistent with the set period, it’ll automatically text message for the appointment and can send word the user whether or not it absolutely was approved or not.

    Cooking App

    One of the simplest app ideas is an intelligent cookery app. once you have fewer ingredients accessible and wish to cook one thing nice it’s the app for you. Just like alternative cooking apps, it’ll advise the instruction of cooking food, but, not tell you the ingredients. In fact, it’ll initial raise the users regarding the accessible ingredients and can return up with a dish that may be created with those ingredients on its own, so the user won’t rush for alternative additives.

    Selfie Competition App

    Selfie craze is everywhere the individuals everyplace and with selfie competition, one would contend against friends and win sure points to unlock new options that’ll enhance their selfies.

    Business Tips Apps

    This app can guide young entrepreneurs in tough things during a business. It’ll be an offline app that’ll contain ways and techniques for a winning business.


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