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    Top 13 Mobile App Development Myths Busted

    Top 13 Mobile App Development Myths Busted


    Mobile app development is a flourishing business that has been quite profitable. With the growth of technology, we have developed millions of mobile apps which go up on the play store regularly. There have been a lot of developments in this sector also. But with development, there have also been widespread myths around these lines. So many people perpetuate myths thinking that mobile app development is a stand-alone project, whereas, in reality, it is a segment of the enterprise that you are heading. There needs to be a centralized approach to mobile app building, and this can’t be treated solely as an IT project.

    To be able to be a part of the mobile app development market, you need to remove the inhibitions that you are feeling. You cannot be terrified of what the consequences will be. No one will wait for you to get over these inhibitions. You need to take control of the motorboat here. Below listed are thirteen inhibitions that people face, and these 13 myths have been busted, which are related to mobile app development and marketing. Each of the myths will be explained, reasoned, and then you could decide for yourself the truth of the matter.

    An Idea Stands As The Sole Fortress On Your Journey To App Development

    An idea always funnels everything, and the start of a great business begins from an excellent idea. There is no denying to this fact. In all probabilities, if this is your first time with mobile apps you need to design it so well, that it sells completely based on its originality. Counterfeit ideas usually fall back and never make it to the top used apps. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people who come up with unique app creating ideas, but only a few make it to the top rungs. Most of them get lost in their way and never see daylight. So only having an idea never suffices. It must be an idea with a strong framework – be it finance, or utility, or feasibility.

    Coding is Only Required in Mobile App Development

    Well, most people believe that making an app is all about coding that will run to give birth to the software interface. But of course, only a few know that it is way beyond just simple coding. Coding might be the basic framework that is needed to get the program running in iOS and Android, but other factors like ease of use, high efficiency also come into play.

    It is Easy to Develop The First Version

    That is a big no. the first version often takes the most time because it is the standard framework on which you will be working, to take it a step ahead. Some people even think that playing around with the codes will give you the optimum results, but that is far from true. For you to have a successful app, there will be multiple stages involved. Some of them will be UX design, feature list, coding, beta testing and more. All of these steps require time, effort and patience. An app doesn’t happen overnight.

    The App Store Optimization Solves All Problems

    This is the biggest myth. To get a better rank, the developers need to constantly work on it. Having great user reviews, good feedbacks, proper word of mouth, enriching information also helps you to get better ranks. Also listening to public demand and updating and accommodating app accordingly also helps to get a much higher rank in play store. Better the rank, number of people will automatically download the app.


    The Best Graphics Get Best User Ratings

    Great graphics are always welcome, but just graphics don’t get you anywhere near the best ratings. If your app is full of glitches, then none of this will work out. There are other factors involved that you must monitor stringently – performance, interface, user experience etc.

    Customers are Regularly Using The Apps They Download

    So many of the apps that the customers download go into the uninstall list, only because the customer isn’t interested any longer. To hold on to the customer interest, you might have to do a lot of things, including sending important push messages to loop the customer right in. you cannot ignore the fact that humans presently have the attention span of a cat, and they will forget about your app if you do not remind them. So your work isn’t just finished at the download, it just starts there.

    There is no Need for Marketing

    Whoever said this to you, must have been dreaming! Any endeavor these days would need a healthy dose of marketing. You may have an amazing product, but how does the world get to know about it? Yes, of course, marketing. How else would you let other people know that you have converted an idea into a proper action? Use different channels to make your product more known amongst the crowds.

    App Marketing is Expensive

    No, it isn’t! This one just needs a properly devised plan that will work out well. The marketing needs to be done in the right places, and definitely in the right doses, to cut down on the cost. Even unpaid marketing sometimes works wonders; you just need to know how to go about it.

    Websites Work Better Than Apps

    You may think that the website interface works so much better so people won’t opt for apps, instead, they will move to websites. Well of course not, at least the statistics state that is not the case. People use mobiles more frequently these days, and they prefer the quick device over a browser website.

    Mobile App Analytic Data Shows App Performance

    It may be true that the analytic app helps to understand the functioning of the app, but to understand things in better depth, it is useful if people delve deeper. Monitoring factors like gauging the app function on diverse screen or recognizing screens work better,

    More Number Of Features Ensure Better App

    This one is a straight no!  The number of features makes it more complex for people to understand, and people lose vision of the app. Keep it limited and simple to be efficient and widely liked.

    An Enterprise App Takes More Time

    That is not true if done in the right place, it takes almost the same amount of time. You need to segment and plan your work way ahead of time.

    At One Hit, A Cross-Platform Can Be Built

    No, it’s a tad bit more complex than that. You might have to take several tries. It won’t be that simple to accomplish, but nevertheless, it is not impossible either,

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