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    Top 5 App Store SEO Tips to Boost your App Download



    So, you’ve finally designed your own app.

    You love your style and design, your app icon, and it works cleanly on each device you tested it on. The niche you found is undiscovered and competition-free.

    There’s only 1 downside (and it’s a giant one): No one is downloading your app.

    If that’s the case, you’ve run into a similar downside several developers encounter once they publish their apps. however, don’t be discouraged – if you have got Associate in a Nursing app you would like the total world to use, you’ll build it happen.

    Once you get downloads you’ll be able to build some real cash.

    All it takes could be a very little effort and therefore the right ability to bring your app to the eye of the lots. So, to be told the simplest ways that to spice up your mobile app downloads, let’s 1st perceive however apps area unit downloaded within the 1st place.

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is an important component for growing the success of your mobile apps. If you are transportation a brand-new app to promote or would like an ASO update, you’ll definitely increase your downloads with a bit App Store SEO.

    Publishers and developers usually believe that their latest app is that the good new utility, game, or supply of data for the general public. however actually, there is in all probability already Associate in a Nursing app like yours in Google Play or the Apple Store. It’s going to not be 0.5 pretty much as good because the product you have developed, however with an extended history and presence, it’ll be additional simply discovered by users.

    Have an Eye-Catching App Icon

    Icons are typically a turnabout once it involves promoting an app, however, this is often a tremendous mistake. individuals square measure impelled by pictures and your icon is usually the primary exposure they’re going to have to be compelled to your product. thus, what higher thanks to provoking mobile users than putting in place the hassle to style a catchy icon?

    Have an Eye-Catching App Icon

    Understanding your Target Audience and Competitors

    How well do you understand your customers and your competition? A well-formed ASO strategy hinges on understanding, however, your customers use your app, beside a deep read of your competitive landscape. To start, raise yourself the following:

    • How would they describe my app?
    • What are their prime reasons for downloading and exploitation of my app?
    • What is my competitive advantage?
    • How simply am I able to contend against these apps on an equivalent keyword?
    • Your ASO strategy begins with golf stroke yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your goal is to boost discovery in app store searches and target those keywords that drive the foremost traffic. the most effective thanks to establishing these best keywords are market research — checking out precisely what search queries brought your customers to your app and also the linguistic communication they use to explain it.

    Proper Name and Description

    A good title means that the distinction between folks knowing your product by name and relating it as “This issue on my phone.”

    So, if you wish your app title to stay in people’s heads, the name must be distinctive and applicable. And whereas nobody will provide you with the right name, here square measure some evergreen ways for springing up along with your app name:

    • Don’t use names that are already in use – Search extensively before you compromise on a reputation and click on Publish, alternatively you would possibly find yourself face-to-face with an attorney.
    • Keep your app name short and sweet, straightforward to spell, and unforgettable.
    • Do your best to decide on a reputation that reflects what your app Users mustn’t scroll past your app once searching for one thing to suit their desires.
    • And whereas app stores provide you with a 225-character limit, you must solely use around twenty-five of them. That’s all that shows up in an exceedingly search result, therefore take care of those characters square measure used safely.

    Your description, on the opposite hand, is wherever you would like to be most strategic regarding ASO. It works equally to the meta description tag for an internet site however isn’t searchable on the app store.

    So, whereas you don’t get to pack it with keywords, you are doing got to be strategic with it. By listing vital info, edges and options, social proof, and a call-to-action, you’ll be able to greatly have an effect on your ASO.

    Marketing Your App

    Like different tools and product, the app must be publicized and marketed. This helps to introduce it to the market and unfold sensible vibes concerning it. There are many ways and forums for promoting the app. You’ll conceive to screw yourself, ask for services from a vendor, or SEO skilled, or use alternative websites. Use of backlinks is effective as a result of it takes advantage of alternative promoting techniques like Content promoting, Social Media promoting, SEO and a lot of. Developers conjointly provide in-app purchases to support and advertise it.

    ASO (App Store Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are 2 terms that confuse many of us. And while not a correct understanding of the terminologies, you’ll find yourself applying the incorrect strategy. Each asks to extend traffic to the web site and within the method increase the business’s visibility within the market. They conjointly boost the SERP (Google Ranking). Operating with a seasoned and respectable app development company is usually suggested. The firm is accustomed to completely different apps, ASO and SEO ways. It’ll perceive your company wants, return up with an associated app that’s the foremost appropriate. In addition, they’ll walk with you throughout planning, implementation and can conjointly perpetually monitor the market performance.

    Marketing Your App

    Ask for Feedback and Reviews

    If you’ll draw positive reviews from fans of your app, you’ll see your downloads increase exponentially.

    Reviews that declare your app a valuable transfer or say it provides good user expertise are “testimonials” that allow different users to recognize your app is worth downloading.

    You might be tempted to buy pretend reviews simply to extend the number of attention your app is receiving as a full. however, if the app store finds out you used this plan of action, you will have your app suspended entirely.

    Organic reviews from real folk’s area unit much more valuable to your app than unreal ones as a result of you because the developer will learn from it moreover. Not solely can the feedback offer different users with an associated understanding of your product, it may also inform you regarding what must be fastened or modified.

    So, channel requests to a range of individuals with real influence. common YouTubers and critics on major school websites with massive audience area unit some nice targets for your requests.

    You can additionally supply incentives to users who leave you reviews. This can be a good technique to extend the number of users who truly favor doing this. Coupon codes, tangible prizes, or redeemable points to be used among the app will all be nice encouragement for folks to go away your positive reviews.

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