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    • Posted on 12th December 2018
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    Right now the world is moving towards the entrepreneurship where everyone is competing to be the best. To stay ahead of everyone you need to be productive as hell and organize your day accordingly. It doesn’t matter how great ideas you have if you don’t execute them efficiently. Same goes for the day to day activities that collectively makes us successful. The To-do list apps are the best way to ensure that your day is well organized and to keep a track on your daily activities. However, there is a plethora of app available in the app store that makes it quite challenging to pick the best one.

    After a time-taking research and going through the genuine reviews, we have handpicked top 5 to do list apps. Check out these apps and choose the most suitable one depending on your needs.


    The to-do list app from Microsoft is one of the best one we have for both Android and iPhone users. The company launched the app back in 2015, and it was awarded the best app of the year from Apple. Wunderlist is ideal to do list app that comes with almost all features. The UI is so great and simple, and you can create a list and share them with anyone. Even when there are more than a user is using the list, the UI didn’t get messy, unlike other apps. Moreover, the app has a free version and a pro version that used to cost $4.99, but now it is available for free.

    If you want to create a neat to-do list that can be shared with others easily than Wunderlist is the app to install.


    If you are interested in going for a more advanced to do list app, then we have Trello for you. Trello is much more a project management tool that comes with a number of list making features for the professionals. You can easily make projects in it and divide them into sub-projects by adding the notes. This way you can add the task to a different department or people of the team. The notes and the list can be shared with others which allow them to work on those lists simultaneously. Besides, the best part about Trello is that it provides the desired visualization options with an engaging UI. You can view your list in calendar view that helps you in organizing your tasks more effectively.


    Just like Trello, ToodleDo is also another excellent task management tool for professionals and entrepreneurs. The tool offers a very straightforward user interface to the users with a number of features. You can make the list of your tasks and also create sub tasks under them to break down your activities. Along with the tool also allows adding additional notes, priority ratings and reminders to the lists. The lists can be shared by friends, family, and coworkers without any issue. ToodleDo just went into a significant design change that made it much more user-oriented.

    The other reason to go for this app is that it also enables you to track your habits by adding different details like linking the screenshots.


    Any.Do is the most beautiful to do list app that you use on your Android or iPhone smartphone. The app offers all the essential features for the users for making their day more productive. Along with this the app also has some of the unique features that make it special. The ‘push moment’ button will enable the app to give you a notification every day in the morning telling about your day ahead. This feature makes it very easy to align all the tasks in the morning and make the most use of a day.



    TickTick is new to the game and doesn’t have much popularity among the users yet. But, the app has great potential for active users with a number of additional features. TickTick enables you to create the to-do list and divide them into further sub-to-do lists. The free version of the app offers many features that even many big apps charge for providing. The pro version of the apple also offers a calendar view of the lists and some more corporate features.


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