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    Top 5 Cloud Storage iOS Apps You Should Be Using

    The involvement of the smartphones in our life is only getting more profound with time. The small platform devices are replacing everything else to provide ease and quick accessibility to us. However, one of the limitation or challenge that every smartphone user face is the storage. The images and videos from different chat groups and all the media takes a lot of space in your mobile. This makes sometimes causing the phone showing limited storage, and you can’t get anymore app in it.

    To escape this problem, you have cloud storage that takes all the important stuff and make your phone free for more apps. There is a number of iOS apps offering the cloud storage service for iPhone and iPad users. It is quite hard for the users to select the best one from this vast collection. But, don’t worry we have already done the hard part for yours. Here is the list of top 5 iOS apps with cloud storage service from which you can choose the suitable one.

    1. Google Drive

    When it comes to cloud storage, Google Drive is the first choice for most of the use. The service that we are already enjoying over the desktop is also unbeatable for the mobile devices. The best part of the app is that it gets integrated with other apps in the Google ecosystem like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and many more. The user interface of the app is very simple and straightforward. You can easily upload the data or set it up to the automatic backup. There is each option in case you want to find a particular file. Google Drive is pretty necessary yet very useful cloud storage that you can use for solving the space problem.

    2. Dropbox

    While we are talking about the cloud storage apps, there is a chance to leave Dropbox out of the list. You can understand Dropbox as the Facebook of the cloud storage, and the company specializes in cloud storage services. Compare to Google Drive, and Dropbox is more professional kind of app that offers exclusive features. With the app, you get 2GB of storage capacity where you can store any file. The storage capacity of your account can be increased up to 16GB by connecting the app with your social media profile and inviting the friends.

    Besides, Dropbox also offers the premium business plans that include additional services that enable the users to collaborate on work.

    3. Microsoft OneDrive

    Dropbox and Google Drive may be leading when it comes to cloud storage, but Microsoft One Drive is giving the tight competition to these two. If you own a Windows laptop and want to keep the drive synchronize with your iPhone, then the OneDrive is here for you. The cloud storage app has the creative design and looks compared to the other apps. Besides, it also offers the features like inbuilt document scanning like Dropbox and support to the maximum number of files. The synchronizing of the app is a way to easy between the computer and mobile phones.

    4. iCloud

    I know you must be thinking why haven’t I listed the Apple’s own cloud storage service yet. Apple iCloud is the most convenient cloud storage service for your iPhone that can store everything. Other than that the app is tightly integrated with the iOS platform so everything will be smooth and more reliable. However, the reason iCloud is placed at fourth number is that Apple only gives 5GB of space free for every account and to back up all your iPhone data you need a lot more than that.

    5. Mega

    Last but not the least on our list is Mega, the cloud storage app is growing every day in terms of users. The comparatively small app is giving big-time competition to the giants like Dropbox and Google Drive. The app comes with free 50 GB of storage that can be utilized by simple drag and drop interface. Besides, Mega also offers some additional features including the file sharing and support for different formats of media.


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