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    Top UI Trends to Prepare Your App for 2019

    There could be a number of reasons why your app isn’t getting downloaded. One of the major reasons could be the UI design of your app.

    Top UI Trends to Prepare Your App for 2019

    The mobile app industry evolves every year and app owners need to ball their game up for staying in the competition. Every year, a major transformation is seen in the designs of mobile apps. New design trends strike into the industry every year and pull the competition bar even higher. This makes it very important for you to prepare your app according to the latest UI trends for mobile app design.


    Here are some of the UI trends that have taken upon the mobile app design world in 2019.

    1. Buttonless screen

    The most amazing thing about 2018 was that it had offered some of the finest designs of the apps that we had never seen. The buttonless design is one that has emerged in 2019. A design with minimal interactive buttons, with more intuitive user interactions, will be the key to success. Take Instagram for example. The design has minimum buttons, making it stunning and more user-interactive.


    2. Visual and voice interface


    The AI assistance or the voice interface is gradually making its way into the mobile app industry. Almost every app is going after the voice interface for its users. This integration not only makes the app smarter but also convenient for users. The correct and precise combination of the visual and voice interface makes it easier for developers to show their creativity without messing with the ideal mobile UX design.


    3. Bottom  navigation


    We all know how smartphones are evolving with a bigger screen and a larger display. With devices having a bigger screen, the top navigation will be out of the trend soon. The bottom navigation will be a new way of making your app look perfect on these bigger screens. Additionally, new mobile UI trends are pushing app makers to focus on the bottom navigation.

    4. Design for notch screens


    The latest trend that is cutting up speed among smartphone manufacturers is the notch design. After iPhone X, almost everyone is attempting to launch a notch display with their smartphones. This is why you should ensure that your app is compatible with the notch design. Besides, you can use this opportunity to come up with a creative way of using the full screen of the phone on your app.

    5. Use full-size background images


    The new trend that is silently making its space in the UI world is full-size background images. You can add a full-size background image to the app screen to make it look more engaging. Surprisingly, the trend already has a large number of impressed. You can use this mobile UI design idea to make sure that your user gets a refreshing look and doesn’t get bored while browsing the app for a long time.

    Final Thoughts

    Coming up with a unique mobile app design UI that can appeal to the users is a difficult and time-consuming task. With these top UI trends for 2019, the job should get fairly easy. Follow these trends and take your business to new heights. And as always, stay tuned with AppMystery for your daily dosage of the mobile app world.

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