• Why iOS is a Better Platform for Mobile App Start-Ups?

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    • Posted on 26th March 2019

    This is not an announcement concerning technical superiority or mindless Apple fanboying. each tech giants have some fantastic product and services on the market. In 2018, the straightforward business of mobile apps continues to favor Apple’s App Store over Google Play.

    The iOS vs Android discussion is one that has existed for years within the software system development communities. many kinds of like the Apple vs Samsung smartphone war that has gone on for many years likewise. android is huge and in keeping with Google has over a billion activated devices with over 1.5 million devices activated on a daily basis. within the same vein, Samsung the first maker of automaton phones has sales numbers that outdo Apple. In 2016, Samsung sold-out 308.5 million units, whereas Apple came second with 215.5 million units.

    These are immense statistics, however, it’s general knowledge that almost all app development firms build for Apple users before lining of work to android users. In fact, Instagram, one in all the foremost common social media apps, launched on android eighteen months when showing on Apple Store. alternative common brands like Nike still haven’t got a mobile app on the Android platform. So, what makes iOS an improved platform for app start-ups than android.

    Why iOS is a Better Platform for Mobile App Start-Ups

    The Statistics of User

    Apple devices are a lot of unremarkably utilized in developed and affluent parts of the globe. android users though immense in the range have a lesser buying power. Therefore, app development firms tend to travel for iPhone app development for higher revenue. iPhone users will afford and are willing to pay on innovative apps to satisfy their big selection of desires. aboard the higher revenue, Apple apps typically see the next range of active users and the next adoption.

    Less OS Fragmentation

    Similar to the device issue, there are fewer operating systems to contemplate and take a look at on iOS. Albeit annoying, Apple’s forceful push to users to update their devices is effective.

    While the battery life argument last year positively hurt iOS fragmentation a bit, a year when its unleash, eighty-fifth of iPhones and iPads were running iOS eleven. Meanwhile, solely regarding nineteen of Android users have updated to eight.0 or newer within the same timeframe.

    This means developers will support solely the two most current root versions of iOS however still feel assured during a substantial market reach. However, on Android, an identical limitation would cripple the app’s potential. And supporting additional operating systems means that longer testing, additional space for bugs and additional unhealthy reviews.

    Visceral User Experience

    A hallmark since its beginning, Apple devices provide an overall fantastic involvement for its users as a result of increased technology innovation. With User Experience at the forefront of everything, Apple provides a singular scheme that draws users and developers likewise is one more reason why iOS could be a better platform for progression.

    A Secure Market Place

    Apple could be a proprietary platform and in and of itself their scheme is a lot of organized. they need an extremely secure marketplace, with firm rules, rules, and internal control strategies. These strict practices offer a  lot of contributory and stable surroundings for developers. It conjointly provides them a suggestion to follow for coming up with, programming, and promoting. this could account for why iPhone app development brings higher returns for developers.

    Loyal Audience

    Android could be a larger platform with a wider reach to the audience however its users are less active and constant. Apple users are notable for his or her loyalty to the brand. they’re not possible to modify to android or different platforms. App start-ups would like this level of loyalty from AN audience for his or her complete to succeed and increase revenue.

    Loyal Audience

    App Store Makes More Money

    If there was just one takeaway, this could be it. In 2017, Apple’s App Store generated nearly double the revenue of the Google Play app market, despite golem having eighty-fifth worldwide market share.

    While Apple has taken some criticism for feeling a lot of sort of a luxury whole than an innovative tech leader, it might be safe for aspiring app start-ups to assume Apple customers allotting $1,000 for a phone have a lot of income.

    Coming back to A Colour Story as an example, iOS interest in our product dwarfs android, outpacing the installs nearly ten to one, that could be a drawback, albeit anecdotal. once reviewing the info at a personal level, the typical android user of A Colour Story spends five hundredth what an iOS user spends in-app, matching the macro trend specifically.


    Still, on the problem of security, Apple has placed further stress on the security of its platform. several apps handle sensitive info of users and in and of itself got to be shielded from hacking and alternative harmful activities. Apple additionally includes a terribly strict approval method for its apps. This prevents any malicious apps from gaining access to the shop and change of state with users sensitive info.

    And that’s the reason why most of the educated people prefer iOS over Android.

    To add it up, none of this can be expression firms ought to ne’er invest in android. It’s a solid, versatile platform with nice resources, and there’s lots of business to be found on Google Play. However, entrepreneurs trying to launch and trial run their app plan would be wise to focus their initial restricted resources on iOS.

    The fact remains that the success old by any app depends on a range of things like the target market still as its demographics, money standing, users’ activeness, and device preferences. whereas app start-ups and little business face stiff competition, listed on top of factors answer why to decide on iOS development as a good platform throughout their early stages. iOS not solely offers wonderful UI and User Experience however conjointly permits them to leverage Apple’s sizeable world user market, so giving them the in-depth exposure across the world. Apple continues to be the primary alternative for product launches by start-ups and little businesses, as inspired by specialists.


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