5 Must have Applications for Graphic Designing

    5 Must Have Applications For Graphic Designing

    These days, Adobe Photoshop is not the only software for illustrators and designers. There are a thousand new apps that have been added on the Google play store and the Apple App store. These apps are designed to make life less troublesome, all the while keeping the vector graphics and color palette works. The best part of all of this stands that most of the apps are free, or at least have a trial version. Below listed are some of the apps that are good replacements for Adobe Photoshop.

    Paper by 53

    This is an amazing mobile app that would allow the user to create sketches and diagrams, and even draw on photos. It is an easy interface and helps in quick art delivery, making it an on the go designing app.

    Procreate (use with Apply pencil on iPad pro)

    Create absolutely stunning paintings with this app, it is absolutely intuitive, and the pencil adds on to very natural sketching feel – all of it together creates a painting environment.

    Applications for Graphic Designing


    This one lets you have access to six basic tools, which help you to color, add in some great animations, and also sketch. What’s even better – they allow you to operate on layers! You could manage the transparency of these layers too, and you can share the images on social media without leaving the application.


    This one is definitely for the amateur designers – there are several tutorials to guide one through the process. The tutorials are divided into difficulty levels too so one can choose their pick. Free to use, and great interface, this app also allows sharing on social media without having to quit the app.


    Best used by designers and architects, this again is one of the most powerful apps. The design here is more technically oriented and it takes a lot of time to master the idea of the app. Once one has mastered the app and has learned the benefits of it, designing here would be the best experience.

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