7 Tips To Avoid Mobile App Usability Issues

    The most common problem is the unavailability of the app that works for all phone models. There are ways to change this, though.

    Coming up with a mobile app design that is pleasing to the eyes, yet easy-to-use is a difficult task for UI and UX designers. To ensure that the user has the best experience while using the app, each aspect of the app from onboarding to checkout has to be error-free. 


    The most common issue is that of mobile app usability that causes a lot of trouble to app owners. According to a recent survey, almost 88% of the users never return to the app on which they have faced usability issues. So it is very important for developers and designers to avoid any kind of usability issue during mobile app development


    Before we move on to explain how to get rid of these usability issues in your app, let’s first understand what mobile app usability really means.


    What is Mobile App Usability?


    Most mistake UX design for mobile app usability. The truth is that the latter is a part of UX that plays into the general interaction between a user and a product. UX characterizes all parts of a client’s view of a mobile application, including convenience. 


    Mobile application usability is related to the viability, proficiency, and simplicity of accomplishing purposes inside the app. 


    App usability leads to learnability. An effective mobile application ought to be natural. It should require some investment for a user to accomplish a specific level of familiarity with the interface. In the event that a user experiences an issue, there should be an immediate solution. Take a look at the most basic screens of an app before launching an app.


    Mobile App Usability Requirements For Enriched User Experience


    There are several factors that affect mobile app usability. A good UI will yield the following results:


    • The user becomes familiar with the app’s UI.
    • Users achieve goals easily.


    Make sure that these end-results are being met after you’ve designed the app.


    • Platform Availability


    The most common reason for frustration for mobile app users is the unavailability of the app that works for their phone’s model. There are some developers who use Android for their first app launch, while others use iOS.


    Platform Availability


    Since they’re both very different platforms, your app should comply with their respective programming, design, and interface considerations. This will give your users a native feel of the app and you wouldn’t lose a customer when they switch from Android to iOS devices and vice versa.


    The best approach is to choose cross-platform mobile app development. This way, the app will have a native feel over both Android and iOS.


    • Provide Value During Onboarding


    In the event that you need new users to come back to your application, you have to ensure that they find the value at an early stage, ideally during the onboarding procedure. if you don’t persuade users to use the app in the first week, you’re most likely going to lose them for eternity.


    Provide Value During Onboarding


    A large number of apps immerse the market, every one of them going after user attention, so it’s basic to ensure you offer quick value. 


    Simplistic client onboarding brings down abandonment rates and can likewise help lift long term achievements like user retention and engagement.


    • Short and Precise Navigation


    This is where most of the app designers don’t give their required attention, resulting in an increase in uninstallation rates.

    At the point when a user initially downloads your app, they have to plainly see how to explore the app to finish their goal, regardless of whether that is buying an item or finding information. This implies that your route ought to have as few hindrances as possible. 


    Various applications incorporate novel features but are unable to fit them together such that they bode well for the user. The route ought to be unintelligible for the user so they won’t wind up lost on an unrelated page.


    • Autofill Options


    The most recent feature that is going to not only be appreciated by the web but also by the apps. 


    Autofill Options


    Use the autofill feature to help users while entering the information. This will make the user think that the app is intelligent enough to keep things convenient.


    • Relevant Content


    Designs and symbols are not enough to state the information and required details. You are also required to put precise content clearly, telling users what they want to know. However, you can’t entirely rely on the content as it will disturb the design of the app, so you need to keep it very short.


    You ought to tailor your content for mobile, as opposed to duplicating it verbatim from the web. Counting excess of data in your mobile application will, without a doubt, bring about poor UX with disappointed clients burrowing to discover explicit content. Make it as simple as feasible for the client to read your content with as meager squeezing and zooming as conceivable by displaying the data in a reasonable and compact way.


    • User feedback



    User feedback


    Honestly, no matter how hard you work or put effort there is always something that users will find annoying. So, it is important to be in direct communication with your users and know what trouble they are facing. Check the feedback and their suggestion of the app store to know the issue. This way you will get to know the user’s expectation and improve your app accordingly.  There are also several ways in which you can increase user reviews.


    • Support and Assistance to the Users


    The last and important tip that could save you from the usability issues is providing the users with continuous support. Sometimes users may find it hard or painful to understand anything, so you need to be there to help.\


    Final Thoughts


    It is important to keep your app updated and easy-to-use so as to ensure that users stick to your website. Keep the above considerations in mind while designing an app. Also, stay tuned with AppMystery to know more.


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