Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2018

    The technology has evolved, and this transformation heavily influences the business world. The mobile app is the most significant aspect for businesses to hit big-time revenue generation. To efficiently leverage the mobile app technology you need to focus on many parameters that will make your app perfect. Today, we will be discussing the mobile app design latest trend that you should implement in your app strategy.

    According to a survey most of the users rely on the app’s UI/UX to decide whether they want to continue using it or not. In the contemporary market where the competition is getting stronger every single day, it is important to take help of these new emerging mobile app design trends.

    Whether it is a messaging app, service app or even music streaming app users always prefer the one with a more suitable friendly design. The UI/UX of the app is what makes the functionality of the app alive and enables it to communicate with the users. If you want to lead the competition and break out the conventional mobile app design bubble then go through the below-mentioned trends.

    1. Simple and Comfortable

    The mobile app design has come across a long road and evolved into a much more driving factor for the app’s success. Some of the apps like Instagram and WhatsApp has shown us that keeping design simple and comfortable will add another extra point in your favor. The users are more likely to go with the apps having light and simple yet convincing design that doesn’t make the user feel uncomfortable. The smooth and dissolving user interface is what makes an app perfect for the users. With this, the users don’t have to push over top graphics, detailed icons or typical typography for the users. The designer with the basic skill set can easily come up with simple UX/UI of the app, and they need to master the custom text effects or repeating textures.

    2. Material Vs. Flat Design

    The biggest debate among the designers this year was over the Material design vs. Flat design. Adding more creative and complex elements to simple design is what taking over the flat design. Designers are adding more creative ideas like shadows, translucent images and animations to the flat design and making it more attractive. With the help of this approach, you will be able to add more depth to your design and grab the attention of the users.

    3. Varies Color Pallets

    There was a time when the designers were afraid of experimenting with the color pallets. However, 2018 changes everything, diverse color pallets and going for the more contrast colors have become a trend for the designers. By experimenting with more colors, you could come up with a compelling app design.

    4. Minimalistic Design

    This is the new way of keeping the things simple, and now users prefer the more straightforward design. In 2018 it was seen that most of the app designers switched to approach of minimal design. This means cutting out the extra materials to make the design more simple. For example, in many apps, you can see the icons without an outline in it.

    5. Add Your Style and Theme

    The extra point that popular apps like WhatsApp, Amazon or Instagram own is due to their unique ideas. Every one of these apps has designed the UI/UX according to the targeted audience and their platform’s functionality instead of going for a standard design template. You need to understand your targeted audience and then plan out a different yet convenient user interaction design for your app.

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