Top 10 Mobile App UI Design Inspirations

    Most users download an app if they like what they see. So what’s really important? The design of your app.


    Formulated the idea, hired a developer, came up with a marketing strategy to finally launch your product? Well, you need to pay to what your app/website looks like before you let it be seen by the millions of people who download apps depending upon the first impression they get from its look. The UI/UX app design plays a crucial role in getting downloads and clicks alike. 


    So what do you need? The perfect template for your mobile app design. How? We’ve curated a list of the 10 best UI designs that successful apps have used. And to get these implemented, you need the most renowned mobile app design service provider, who can do justice to your product.


    1. Yono.Mp3 Mobile App – Music App


    YONO.MP3 mobile app is a music application that has a collection of different types of music. It also has other features apart from music and radio. It is a nice platform for music lovers.

    UI Features of YONO.MP3


    The YONO.MP3 app’s interface looks vibrant and eye-catching. There are interesting schemes and a combination of good colors that make it look beautiful and eye-catching.

    What makes it stand out from the others is the fact that its contrast appeals to the user’s eye and the overlapping of photos, buttons, and icons. The buttons and integration of content make it look fashionable. The mobile app design brings the user’s attention to its icons. Overall, it is a good way to come up with a color scheme for the app and then integrate it with the icons as well.


    2. Watering Tracker App – Utility App


    Watering Tracker App is an interesting app that reminds users to water their plants. It is incredibly useful for those who have lots of plantations at their home and love to grow plants. They can set up their watering reminders at regular intervals.

    UI of Watering Tracker App


    The serene photos and the overall theme of the app are soothing to the eyes and set a good mood for the user while being reminded to water their gardens. The vivid colors, the freshness, and the ease of using the app are what make it amongst the most downloaded watering app. Moreover, the app has features to help the user learn about different plant conditions, including the temperature, humidity level, light, etc.


    3.  Listen App – Music App


    Another alluring music application is Listen. It gives a pleasant music experience to its users by offering them a pleasant experience and a beautiful blend of vivid colors in the background. It has different music channels, radio playlists, albums, drives, playlists, etc. You choose your taste and genre, and then sit back and enjoy. It is definitely a very useful app for music lovers that prefer a variety of genres.

    UI Of Listen

    The rich and vivid royal blue color theme of the mobile app design is a delight to look at and blends perfectly with the white text and icons. The icons and buttons are easily visible and offer a soothing experience to its users. It is definitely a very user-friendly app that makes it easy to surf the music that you need to listen to.


    4. iOS App Slide Car – Utility App


    iOS App Slide Car is a business application that users segregate, search, and do business with cars. It is an iOS mobile application to help car lovers look into different cars to do business with and thus, connect and socialize.

    UI Of iOS App Slide Car


    The fact that it is made with pure backgrounds with simple icons and labels makes it easy for a user to not get distracted and keep looking at the various car listings. The background designs are enriched with lavish photos of cars. It will grab the immediate attention of a car dealer or simply someone who is more into learning about different cars.

    The app has all the information about the cars, the owner of the car, car specifications, descriptions, and other necessary information.  Its layout will easily redirect a user to find the required car details in the tap of a finger. This is purely an example of a simple, clean mobile app design that users have loved so far.


    5. Studio By Morsel Inc. – Life App


    Fitness goals are deterministic. Making goals is easy, but implementing them and working towards them every day is quite difficult. Just like a personal trainer, an app can also help you regulate your fitness goals and such is the motive of Studio by Morsel Inc. is one such app. It makes the entire process fun.

    UI Of Studio By Morsel Inc


    The app is filled with amazing and inspiring fitness apps with bright and bold colors, which encourages users to unlock different levels of difficulty. It motivates and drives the user to work and reach goals and holds various competitive class videos of famous trainers. There is a leader board of winners who have won the classes, thus increasing a sense of competition among the users.


    6. Color Therapy Coloring Number – Activity App


    This app is designed for coloring artists to help them meet their coloring urges. With more than 2000 pages, filled with high-resolution images attract the eye of the user, thus giving them mindfulness and relaxation.

    UI Of Color Therapy Coloring Number


    The most attractive feature of the app is HD images. Moreover, there is soft music playing in the background, which makes the activity peaceful and calm. There are over 2000 shades of vivid colors, thus keeping the users engaged with the mobile app design.


    7. Triibe – Activity App


    Triibe is a creative app for all those who want to explore their creative side. It has a collection of creatives that leads people to showcase their handiwork like craft, home decoratives, kitchenware, handcrafted fashion, and lifestyle accessories. It is basically for people who love to create new and simple craftwork. It is a tool for the DIY crowd.

    UI Of Triibe


    Creating things is fun and so is sharing them with the world. The app, thus, has a creative vibe to it, with rich, attractive, and vivid colors that make it really vibrant. It gives you editing tools to craft, edit, zoom in, or zoom out. You can save the images easily by pressing against the image for long and then, clicking on the save icon. The instructions are easy and there are quick guides for everything.


    8. Eye in Sky – Weather App


    Eye in Sky Weather stands out for its moderate, holographic themes and images and its fundamental features that are preferred by its users. This application incorporates the 14 best weather icon sets that you can include in it on your own. Four customizable gadgets and scalable notifications notice are available along with a DashClock augmentation.

    UI Of Eye in Sky


    It’s simple, really. The background is black, adding to the feeling of space and has realistic, real-time sun, clouds, and other elements, depicting the weather. The font is soft to the eyes and the menu is on the left with no special design, as such. It’s pleasing and professional.


    9. QuickBee – Advertising App


    QuickBee is a classified advertising platform offering life data for users in various categories, such as automobiles, real estate, occupations, administrations, education, and more. Users can sign up and make a profile to look through required life data, check famous trending things, and read included promotions, and so forth.

    UI of QuickBee


    It stands out for flawless designs and great hues. Simple and vivid colors show differentiated categories clearly and clean edges present trending and highlighted ads. Its vector icons are also great and simple. What’s more, it basically comprises some helpful screens, for example, Login Screen, Explore Screen, Category Listing Screen, and Detail Screen, and so forth.


    10. NightOwl – Coffee Ordering App


    NightOwl is a versatile app that enables users to select and get hot coffees in various sizes and characteristics, immediately depending upon their own preferences.

    UI Of NightOwl


    It has an outstanding illustration and its animated coffee machine with wonderful colors and geometric realistic components is extremely adorable and delightful. Its pure background embellished with straightforward dim illustrations and yellow buttons make it a truly perfect and clean mobile app design.


    Final Thoughts


    The apps mentioned in this article have a very fine UI that can give you a rough idea about how a UI can be given a more finished touch. Although we have mentioned the best features of each app distinctly, yet you can download these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store to study their interfaces closely.


    You can clearly figure out which features will be the best for your app and what color scheme will suit it the most. For extended expert advice on this topic, contact an experienced mobile app design service provider and let them know what you need.

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