UX design Trends to Watch Out in 2019

    UX design Trends to Watch Out in 2019


    The new year 2019, is here and it brings with it a new list of UX designs to watch out for. One of the most interesting things about UX is that it is present all around us. A user is at all times involved in social media platforms. It makes the world of UX dynamic and fast-paced. The upcoming trends in tech and product design are crucial for effective UX professional.

    To start off 2019, a new year and new beginning on the right note here is a list of top trending UX designs to watch out for:


    Personalization is the heart and soul of the UX design. The artificial intelligence is being used to take it to the next level. Beyond designing for static personas, the machine learning helps to create customized user experiences which evolve out of user’s experience. The users know that the Artificial Intelligence system has the ability to personalize the user experience.

    Data Privacy

    Privacy is truly the hot topic trending when it comes to UX design in 2019. The users are becoming more and more conscious of how personal data is being collected and used. The UX design plays a crucial role in this regard. The days of scrolling through the pages of text on privacy are bygone, and transparency in privacy protocols and ease to understand it is becoming an essential part of the UX design.

    Integration of Online and Offline

    Ordering something online and picking it up in a store is not a new concept at all. What is truly changing and evolving is the way offline ‘in-store’ experience is moving online. For example, if a customer browses online or an app, then visit the store and use the same app to purchase the products. These express stores help customers pick up products from the store, put it in their bag, pay on the app and walk off.  The traditional e-commerce industry is becoming more holistic than before and even though you are having an in-store experience, you can purchase online.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality has a long way to go before it can become a common consumer product. It has started to make its presence felt in the corporate world recently. The industries are concerned with the digital world transformation and skills training.  The flexibility demonstrates the potential for use of virtual reality.

    Accessibility and Inclusion 2.0

    The UX design evolves to include the new elements like machine learning, voice design, and virtual reality which has become increasingly essential. Designing for voice is becoming prevalent which helps in improving a product’s accessibility. Image and facial recognition is another area which is trending.  Automation is continuously being improved and powered by algorithms.

    Ethical Design

    The past few years have seen an immense rise in concern about tech addiction from consumers and investors and the UX designers are asking about ethics in the early stages of the designing process. A good UX design keeps the user from coming back.


    The animation elements which is widely in use creates a very warm and friendly atmosphere. A complex motion attracts the attention of the users and creates a powerful user experience.

    Virtual Reality

    The internet of experience is the top trend that every business owner should try. It is an ideal UX for educational activities and learning. The interaction with the users is very effective with this technology.

    3D Elements

    This trend is very much in use and it becomes a rage in the New Year too. Adding shadows, color gradients, and other elements create a powerful 3D shape.

    Video in Web Design

    The element of video use in the digital world had taken a wide range in 2019. UX designers work in close association with video and motion designers to create stellar storytelling experiences with video and motion.  A major UX design trend seamlessly merges movement into their designs which creates an overall striking effect.

    Adding More Depth to Designs

    The designers developed this web design to add depth and give mortgage hub site. We create flat designs which appear 3 dimensional makes them visually appealing. Use of drop shadows, gradients, two-tone color schemes are examples of the above.

    Large Attention Grabbing Titles

    In society, users have less and less time to spend on websites. Adapting large and bolded titles captured the attention of the audiences.

    It is yet another exciting year for UX. The UX new designs are on the rise and addition of new elements are being introduced to engage the users and make their experience an unforgettable one. UX is truly an emerging industry and fast-moving one, and these new trends are taking on charge too fast.

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