Top 10 Tools for Mobile App UI Design

    With so many design tools available, it can get difficult to shortlist the best. Try these out!

    Best tools for desiging mobile UI app design


    Mobile application designers are continually searching for the correct instrument or software that will make their designs worthwhile for the end-user. Building a profitable mobile app requires expertise, innovativeness, and obviously the correct tools. 


    Could this be the motivation behind organizations putting more money into easy-to-use mobile designs? Definitely! Be that as it may, with such a huge number of mobile app design tools, it very well may be a challenge to pick the best one for your specific kind of app. Which is why we’ve listed 10 best mobile app UI design tools to make your life easier.


    1. Sketch

    Sketch is only available for macOS and is very much similar to Adobe Photoshop. While Sketch was mainly built for app prototyping, it is an excellent mobile app UI design tool for mobile app UI designers and holds the top position in the wireframe and prototyping space. The app is packed with powerful features like extending infinite zoom and a styled vector, which can be exported in multiple resolutions.


    Sketch does not occupy a lot of space and is only 20MB in size. Moreover, it can export assets really quickly. However, it does not allow animation, but still is a great resource for designers. You can edit photos by combining Sketch with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 


    Download Sketch.

    2. Adobe Experience Design (XD)

    Adobe XD can easily be regarded as one of the best designing tools available for Windows users as it includes almost all functionalities present in Sketch. Adobe XD can help you design, prototype, and share the design with others in no time. It is crazy fast and supports Windows 10.


    You are just a couple of clicks away in turning an app design into a working prototype with Adobe XD. You can also see live updates to your design directly on your mobile phone.

    Download Adobe XD.

    3. Mockplus

    Mockplus is the cleanest designing tool out there. Mockplus provides you very easy-to-understand interface and no requirement to code. It uses a simple drag and drop function to link and create different screens or pages.
    Mockplus also provides 3000 UI icons and 200 components, which can be used with Android iOS and PC applications. It is the simplest and most efficient designing tool with which you can export your prototype in a couple of clicks.

    One of the most amazing features of Mockplus is that you can do team collaboration for improving time efficiency.


    Download Mockplus.

    4. UXPin

    UXPin is a wireframe and app prototyping tool with amazing features. It is also compatible with Photoshop and Sketch. With its simple and minimalistic interface, you will be able to create magnificent prototypes and designs. You can drag and drop from the two most popular softwares, Photoshop and Sketch, and arrange all the layers in a simple manner.


    UXPin can provide you greater efficiency in designing, testing, and launching your app design or prototype. With its 1000 built-in elements for web, mobile, and desktop products, you will have the power to develop interesting UIs from scratch. It also allows you to make UIs that are compatible with multiple screens with different screen sizes and resolutions.


    UXPin comes with an add-on named, Smart Guides, which will help you measure the distance between two elements very accurately. Some other features of UXPin include real-time joint editing, which will allow your team to work together and save a lot of time.


    Download UXPin for Mac or Windows.

    5. Zeplin

    Zeplin is a powerful plugin that is compatible only with Sketch. This plugin helps the designer formulate the specification sheet for the app while it is still being designed. Zeplin complies all the elements in the app and creates the spec sheet to be used by developers to make changes in the app, while it is still being designed.


    Zeplin helps in shortening down the time required in making the spec sheet, reducing the overall time required for the development of the app.


    Download Zeplin for Mac and Windows.

    6. Proto.io

    Proto.io is a designing tool that comes with pre-built templates, reducing your work and making prototyping easier. Another important feature is that you can easily import your Sketch designs to Proto.io without any hassle.


    Proto.io is equipped with a timeline that helps you create brilliant animations and also preview them. It has its own Material Design UI Library. Even though it is a web app, you can operate it offline as well, cutting down the necessity to install heavy software.


    Sign up for a 15 day trial of Proto.io.

    7. Origami Studio

    Origami Studio is a designing tool launched by Facebook. Apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram are designed using these tools. Even though the tool is a little complex, it provides superb functionalities.


    Some of the important features include recording a prototype in no time and you can also connect your Android or iOS device to preview live changes made to your design and get a better idea of it.


    Download Origami Studio.

    8. iDoc

    iDoc is a new collaboration and hand-off tool to help you make elegant designs of your app. It includes a feature to allow you to import files from Adobe XD, Sketch, and Photoshop seamlessly.


    You can convert your static designs to interactive and superb animated prototypes by uploading your design to iDoc’s prototyping module. iDoc can also generate spec sheet based on the assets used in the app, reducing the work for the UI designer of the app.


    iDoc uses a storyboard to represent the complete workflow and progress of the design. As it is a collaborative tool, you can have your team member working on the same project simultaneously, saving up a lot of time.


    Buy iDoc.

    9. OmniGraffle

    OmniGraffle is a diagram designing tool, which allows designing the workflow for your app, prototyping, creating strategy maps, etc.


    OmniGraffle is one of the most famous applications when it comes to wireframing an app as it provides amazing visualization of the app you are designing.


    Download OmniGraffle.

    10. IconJar

    When it comes to mobile app UI design, the choice of icons is very important, and to help you design some of the best icons for your app, you should use IconJar. It helps you organize all your icons in one place by only uploading them once, and then just dragging and dropping them to your Sketch or Photoshop workspace.


    Download the trial version of IconJar.


    These were a few tools that a mobile UI designer must look for if he/she is looking to develop some brilliant work of creativity. And as usual, stay tuned with AppMystery to get your daily dose of information.

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