• 5 Martech Predictions For 2019

    • Amy
    • Posted on 5th February 2019
    5 Martech predictions for 2019

    The digital world is rapidly growing and there is a huge scope for the internet and its services to still grow further. This year, there will be more to grow, and the predictions are stated out for this year. It may be true that some facets and basics of marketing may stay, but then other processes completely change. In fact, the dynamics stand so differently, that one needs to re-learn how to go about it. Technology is so quick to evolve, that everything flips out in a short period of time, and everything has to be customized according to the technology. Even, buyer and seller philosophies, psychologies, all take a drastic change within a short period of 10 years or so. With so many changeable parameters, marketing can be very difficult to execute. But then to help, there’s always room for predictions.

    There are all things positive for those who are waiting for this opportunity. As far as the predictions are concerned, all the brands and the people associated with an advertisement are likely to increase the digital speed and depend more on advertising platforms. Of course, there will be huge developments on IoT, and more advancements in voice tech. There might be a lot of changes that can be anticipated, and some of them are listed below:

    The Mobile Speed will Reach Up to 5G

    5G internet speeds will be available for the general public. There has been an Adobe Digital insight which has declared that a huge amount of $12 billion to be generated. This kind of fast speeds and high data transfer rates will help in the advancement of technology in the field of virtual reality, IoT and augmented reality.

    This kind of speed will make everyone rethink their advertisements, they will have to redesign their content also because this content has to be delivered to the audience in an all-new way. For all the companies to maintain their advertisement strategies, would make them take up new ways to project their advertisements. Even more, they will have to handle heavier amounts of data, and take up more bold and creative designs for the same. This broad development will definitely change the ways we will be seeing marketing on the internet.

    This is The AI-Powered World

    The millennials and the new ones about to come, use media in a very different way. The marketers have to map up this technique and use this in their benefit. It is more important for the millennials to respond to personalized ads only. Marketing needs to be moving around the sphere of the preference of the customers. With that the advertisers need to come up with better content, that will make up for the staggering slow systems that are present now.

    The trend is now that of posting expiring content, which resembles Instagram stories. It seems consumers are parched for content, and they would need more engaging matter to digest. If the company responsible for attracting the customers do not engage the customers with proper engageable content, it is understood that they will be lost.

    One might wonder how to bring about this personalized advertisement up on the front, but there’s excellent news. The grand news that is here is that millennials share the information that is most priced to them. Push advertisements can be easily designed and using artificial intelligence, we can easily target the audience with personalized goods.

    We are expecting a huge amount of personalized applications – based on the user’s saved sites of their favorite restaurants, their favorite bands, and their choice of clothing brands will help the developer to design accordingly.

    Marketing opportunities will expand greatly, with a huge amount of sales, with marketing automation, we can expect everything to grow up in giant proportions. The fear of missing out psychology will help the customers be more engaged in online sales and will be a huge boost for companies.

    The Secrets of The Last Click

    It is expected that attribution will be an important point to consider. The last click attribution will determine the final journey of the customer. There will be a huge sales shift with this advancement. Marketing giants will have to be more educated, more prepared, and well equipped to handle these situations.

    First Party Data Management Receives More Investment

    There is a huge need to be fed with data if any progress needs to be made. Data systems supposedly will move from end to end systems to unified tools which will collect data in large magnitudes. The companies will hugely move into personal first-party data. The second- and third-party data will be used slowly and more tactfully. The first party data will be used more extensively. There will be dramatic savings for the same.

    There will be data privacy which will make the customers feel more secure:

    Since the data will be protected, customers will develop more and more trust in the brands. The relationship between the company and the customer will grow phenomenally. The approach to marketing will be different. Instead of digging through the internet for specific sites, one can easily receive the advertisements that he or she may want to see. This is a definite win-win solution for everyone.

    Data Scientists are The New Diamonds

    With the rate that the data is being used for all these processes, the data scientists will be greatly in demand. There will be huge openings for all the people who are specialized in any kind of data. Improved data quality would become a priority. There will be segmentation, lead and accounting scoring, etc will be implemented.

    These predictions will help the market leads understand the trends in this year, provided that all people including both customers and marketers introduce the changes and embrace them well. With the massive changes that will take up the market, one needs to be adequately prepared. Only if one is equipped well, the marketer can design better content for the new generation millennials.


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