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    WhatsApp Brings New Features For iOS With Its First 2019 Update

    WhatsApp Brings New Features For iOS With Its First 2019 Update

    WhatsApp has started giving new year gift to its iOS users with new features. Facebook-owned messaging app has updated its iOS apps for the users, the version of the app brings 3 new features. Once the iOS users update their app with the latest version they can avail three new features including ‘Reply Privately’ in group chats, 3D touch support for status, and adding stickers to videos and images.

    The new version of iOS WhatsApp will enable you to reply any message or person privately in group chats. However, the feature was already available for Android users that was introduced last month by the company. To reply anyone you just need to hold a message in the group chat then select the ‘Reply Privately’ option and you will be taken to a private chat window with that person. The second feature that WhatsApp has added for the iOS users is the 3D touch actions for status. With this feature now the iPhone users can take a peek to the contact’s status conveniently. The 3D touch actions is available for the users since iPhone 6S. iPhone launched 3D touch back in 2015 with iPhone 6, however, the company didn’t provide the technology with all models.

    The last feature that comes with 2019 WhatsApp update is the support for adding stickers to images and videos. Now, WhatsApp allows the users to put any sticker on images, videos and even on GIFs. To add the sticker just tap on the smiley icon and scroll down to the sticker you want to use. Besides, you can also resize the sticker and put it anywhere on image or video in WhatsApp.

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