• 4 Effective Ways To Market Your Newly Developed Mobile App

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    • Posted on 9th January 2019
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    Thought of an idea? Implemented it in the form of a website and mobile app? Seems like all is done, right? Then why is there no lead generation? Well, while mobile apps have the capacity to generate millions of downloads and revenue, it isn’t possible if you aren’t marketing your product right. 


    With more than 2.2 million apps in the Google Play Store, you cannot ensure that your app will show up for people to take a shot at it unless you come up with some effective mobile app marketing strategies. The hows of it are mentioned in this article. Take a look at these 4 proven marketing strategies to take your business to new heights.


    1. Get Your App Reviewed

    Just as you wouldn’t buy just another product on Amazon without first reading customer reviews, you can’t be expecting users to download your app without glancing through its reviews. In fact, various studies indicate that around 72% of users rely on online customer reviews as much as they trust the word of mouth.

    Clearly, it is almost impossible for your app to perform if you don’t have app reviews on the Play Store or App Store. In your app, have a modal that shows up every week or so requesting the user to rate and review your app on the store. 93% of the users would give feedback and ratings, if asked, but not incessantly. Also, you could have your app featured in various online review websites and blogs by the experts in the industry. This will ensure more user engagement. 

    2. Make Your App Available on More Than One App Store

    If you just developed your app and launched it on Google Play Store and App Store, your job doesn’t stop there. While these two are the most efficient in helping you fetch a prospective customer’s attention, there are other app stores too where you should launch your app. These include Amazon Appstore, GetJar, and Slide. This way, your app will have more reach and will serve as an effective marketing strategy.

    3. Increase App Store Visibility with ASO

    Getting your app submitted to app stores isn’t enough. You need to make the app visible to the users. With millions of apps in competition, you need to make your app stand out of the crowd. Users are most likely to download an app with good ratings or one which has top ranking in the app store. This can be acheived by performing App Store Optimization (ASO), which helps create an alluring page for your app.

    Make sure that your logo is appealing and delivers most of what the app is all about. A good description and a catchy title should do the job. Learn from industry experts, such as Spotify, SoundHound, etc. They have nailed the ASO strategies and so, these apps come up on the front page of most app stores.

    4. Use Social Media Platforms

    Social media is the most effective when it comes to the promotion of mobile apps. Almost everyone uses social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for various purposes. With the exposure to millions of potential users across different social media websites, you can easily promote your app.

    For social media promotion, ensure that you come up with great one-liners and tweets that grab the attention of a user. An image depicting a part of your post will add glory to the overall post. Also, short videos describing the key features of your app would do wonders. Try it out!


    Final Thoughts


    Mobile app marketing strategies should be thought of from the user’s perspective. No matter how useful and beautiful your app is and how much you invested in quality mobile app development, unless it is backed by a strong marketing strategy, it won’t reach the audience it is intended for. Try the ideas mentioned in this article and see if they work for you. And as usual, stay tuned with AppMystery to demystify the world of mobile app technology.

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