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    How to Use Social Media for Mobile App Marketing?

    1.9 billion social media users. Bring them what they need and they would return the favor by downloading and reviewing your app.

    Why is social media important for mobile app marketing?


    While everyone is talking about the 10-year challenge, we failed to notice something closely. Social media wasn’t this popular only a decade ago. It was used to communicate. Social media is used for connectivity, business, advertisements, campaigns, and most importantly, marketing. Social media is now an indispensable platform for our existence. This is one of the most used platforms by people of all age groups. And so, it’s best to use this socially accepted platform for mobile app marketing. But how


    Social Media Marketing – A Difficult Task


    Who said marketing is an easy task? It is one of the most challenging things to do. If an advertisement doesn’t click well with the crowd, the audience won’t respond to it. 


    Social Media Marketing - A Difficult Task


    For the audience and the viewers to really like an advertisement, it has to click with them. Either the visuals need to be powerful or the jingle needs to be catchy. If it’s a poster, it has to have the X factor that sticks with people. In short, marketing is a terror – if the bets are right, one may win, else the game’s over.


    What’s So Good About Social Media Marketing?


    With over 1.7 billion social media users, it’s only the best way to get your word across at once in front of such a large audience base.


    • A Flexible Platform Makes Things Easier


    Social media is a much more lenient and flexible platform to pursue the marketing of any application or service, for that matter. It acts as an amplifier when it is connected to your mobile app. Even the advertisements reach numerous people in a single hit, making it a hugely profitable venture.

    A Flexible Platform Makes Things Easier

    1.7 billion use social media on their phones, which means an advertisement craftily played can reach thousands and crores of people and the app can hit a million likes.


    • Inexpensive Marketing Method


    The advertisements on social media are cheaper than the ones that appear on the radio or the television or the newspaper. You could make sure that the advertisement is more spaced and it looks just the way you visualized. There also stays a huge margin of customer conversion if they are influenced by your advertisements. It is obvious that if your advertisements reach a greater number of people with the touch of a button, it only means that they are better distributed. The more people see, the more they get influenced, and the end result is purchase or use of your application.  


    How does it work?


    There are said and verified ways to run successful social media marketing campaigns, for example, the use of hashtags on Twitter. Hashtags can appear anywhere in searches and the fact that Twitter generates automatic hashtags makes advertisements more widespread. So, you could easily have your app publicized. Using hashtags also helps with SEO and drives people to find your content more easily.


    • Decoding Twitter Marketing


    Twitter is used by commoners and civilians alike. A number of people use Twitter on their phones – making it a better way to include more people as viewers.

    Decoding Twitter Marketing

    You could attract the attention of companies and users by simply tagging them in your posts. You could use content advertising by using Twitter Cards to accelerate downloads.


    • Insights into Instagram


    Currently, the most popular platform for the propagation of beauty, fashion, movies, and anything alike, is Instagram. Use stories, or features, or videos or still photos to give your business the boost that it needs. You could even have flash updates with the help of the stories section, which would give your followers an idea about the features.  


    If noted carefully, all of these platforms help to expand your horizon of reach if you are using it the right way. The only trick is to pool in a greater number of followers and increase the number of downloads of your application. The rest automatically falls into place.


    • The Facebook Factor

    This one is definitely the best for your mobile app marketing. The best form of marketing on Facebook is to build your own page for the business and then invite more people to see the page or to like/comment or even share your page with a personal review. 


    The Facebook Factor


    Anything catchy on social media runs like wildfire and it has good scope to go globally trending. You could even participate in social gatherings and use them to promote your application. Facebook is powerful if one remembers to use it well.


    • Creating a Strong Story Base


    You might have heard about a database but have you ever heard of a story base? A story base essentially talks about how you faced the challenges and got through them while building your app. It could also be stories of inspiring people who helped you build the application. It may be an honest description of how the application helps other people. It may be the story of anything that is related to the mobile application. You may ask why would that be necessary? Because people aren’t interested in the database, they may essentially be interested in a story base.


    Final Thoughts


    Still considering how you should use social media marketing for your application? Check out these 10 social media marketing tools to make things easier. You could deliver content at very low costs right up on social media. Social media isn’t dying anytime soon. There is no chance that people will forget to tweet or suddenly exit from Facebook. They might leave out any other forms of entertainment, but social media is here to stay. So, if the advertisements use this platform, the maximum benefits can be expected.

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