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    Spotify App Review: Best Music Streaming App

    Spotify App Review: Best Music Streaming App


    There has been quite a trend about these music apps that have taken over the technological world. Music streaming apps have been launched somewhere ten years ago, and a lot of giants have taken part in this race to build something better than the other. Google, Amazon, Apple all of these companies have already fought head and tails and have launched something of their own. But people have preferred Spotify over other apps – here is why.

    One can enjoy somewhere around 35 million songs that are available on its playlist, but this free version is dotted with advertisements. But this version has yet another clear disadvantage, you can opt for the Shuffle mode only, and skipping songs is a rare event. Want complete access and power over the songs? Well, that’s a 10-pound cost on your pocket – yes it might feel a pinch.

    The User Interface And Design

    Spotify is available in both Android, iOS and you can use it in a variety of platforms, be it the PC, tablet, desktop, laptop, mobile, and even Macs. Whichever platform you opt for, the app looks exactly the same, meaning that the build is superior. There is a search bar where you can type in your favorite star, or song, or album that you desire.  You can enter your search to release a treasure of songs that match the hit. You need to have a fast and supportive 3G connection, and you are sorted. Unlimited songs for you all day via Spotify!

    If you are a music buff and you listen to the same songs regularly, Spotify has you covered again. There is a save online version where you can save the song in your playlist, and resume it again the next day. Of course, if you wish to indulge in offline music, there is a download option wherein you can download the song. You wouldn’t any longer need a net connection to listen to your selective favorite hits. Spotify makes that easy for you. But here’s the twist. You will need to appear every 30 days on Spotify to make sure that you are an active subscriber.

    One of the features that might annoy you is the offline search doesn’t work pretty well. You might have to go online to hunt your songs, and then go offline again. It might seem a bit tedious. There is even a recent song folder, so you can browse what you have just listened to yesterday. Your playlists are displayed in the exact order that you made them, and while your playlist expands in size, it clouds up the app space. It is a teeny bit annoying that way. You can drag and change the position of the playlists, but that’s it there. You could make a collaborative playlist each for a theme, morning one, a party one, an office going track, or more.

    The Library And Sound Quality

    We have mentioned that the library is vast and comprises 35 million varied songs. It looks after all kinds of tastes, so if you are weird, and you have a different taste in music, you are most likely covered. There are no chances that songs are missed out here. You can choose high-quality streaming of the music as a premium user and enjoy really good sound quality. There are different settings for listening and downloading, so you have to be tech-savvy to know which is what. There is an automatic option that saves you this pain, as it decides for itself which one sounds better on your phone signal.

    For those who have a huge thing for music, you might be slightly disappointed, because the sound quality isn’t that good even when in extreme mode. Apple would sound better in many ways.  Of course, Spotify still remains a popular choice with people who have to listen to music on the go.

    Discovery Of Tracks

    If there are a plethora of tracks available on your screen, it becomes a huge menace.  But you wouldn’t face that issue because Spotify sorts everything for you, genre by genre, mood by mood. You could simply share how you are feeling and in all probabilities, it will be done for you. This personalized curation of music is a great feature that is not comparable to any other app.

    Spotify HQ is you guide into music and you can tell it if you do not like some song that it played for you, which is a smart feature, but nevertheless, not new. But you must have a vague idea of music; else things become naturally difficult for you. There is also a facility where it understands the differences of sub-genres, which is extremely smart. Every week you get a blast of 30 new songs to listen to, which is cool! It explores new bands for you, making every penny of the subscription worth it!

    The Connectivity

    Well, you could listen to Spotify right on the Amazon speaker, and it would sound heavenly. It is thus not only smart device friendly but can also connect to the Sonos system. Switching between the devices is also smooth, so you can have a gala time with music all day, on your preferred device.  You could also use Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast.

    The Extras On Your Plate

    There are plenty of podcasts available at your disposal. You can find all kinds of videos that might be up on YouTube, but this is refreshing definitely. There is also another option where you can get the lyrics of the sings you are hearing so that you can hum them correctly. Plus, there is an intuitive system that detects gigs around you and recommends them to you! Isn’t that cool?

    Why Would You Buy A Spotify?

    Well, music and Spotify spell the same these days, and you cannot do much without a music streaming app. Spotify is definitely the easier version to use, and the sound quality may not be that great, but it is definitely worth a try. This is one of the most original apps developed and is an example setter for others.

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