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    Top 5 Emerging Low Cap Cryptocurrencies Of 2019

    Top 5 Emerging Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoins may have changed everything for cryptocurrency, but now the investors have a real problem. Currently, in 2019, there are more than two thousand cryptocurrencies present which make it difficult for consumers to bet on the right one. Moreover, the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency makes it difficult to find the best one on your own. But, don’t worry we here at Appmystery have gone through days of research to uncover the best cryptocurrencies for you.

    After thorough research and screening, we have found top 5 cryptocurrencies that are a low cap for investment and are the most reliable among all.

    1. Docademic

    The best example of the intervention of the blockchain into the medical and healthcare sector is the Docademic. It is a medical platform where the users can connect to the doctors using smartphone’s camera across the globe. On this platform, the valuable information of user is stored on a blockchain system which needs MTC tokens to retrieve it.

    On this platform, every user gets two to three medical assistance every month depending upon their MTC tokens. To avail, the Docademic platform all you need is a smartphone with an excellent camera.

    2. Linda

    Linda is a rapidly growing low cap cryptocurrency that is catching the attention of all the investors. The cryptocurrency is giving a hard time to its big competitors like ETH and EOS. Along with this Linda also comes with some of the additional features that make easy for the users to handle their funds. The best part of using this cryptocurrency is that its wallet can be used with other cryptocurrencies like Sard. Colossus and PoS.

    3. KIN

    KIN is another low cap cryptocurrency that is going to change the dynamics of the industry in 2019. Most of the experienced investors believe that KIN will be one of the top cryptocurrency to invest in the coming time. It runs on the KIK messenger platform which is similar to WhatsApp and Viber. However, the applications if different in terms of additional functionalities for its users. The KIK project is being developed to target mainly the teenagers with alluring features. Currently, KIK messenger has over 15 million users across the globe.

    4. SelfKey

    Another low key cryptocurrency that made its way to our list is the SelfKey. It was also in the news last month due to its partnerships with banks from Dutch Antilles and the Cayman Islands. Self offers the KYC, i.e. Know your customers for easing the onboarding process for its customers. Besides, the wallet and the whole system of SelfKey is secured.

    5. Dragonchain

    Dragonchain as brought the BaaS, i.e. the blockchain as a service system in the IT industry in the last couple of months. The low cap cryptocurrency has been appreciated by the investors for its applications and potential future. With the help of Dragonchain, the enterprises and organization have the option to secure their database with blockchain technology.

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