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    Top Dating Apps To Lookout In 2019

    Top Dating Apps To Look out in 2019


    As the years roll by, we seek changes in life. From food to lifestyle, corporate to private, a new year brings with itself flare of a new beginning. Of all the awaited things, hookups are the talk of youths today. Finding a mate would have always been a tough task years ago. However, with the onset of technology ridden platforms, dating is now a lot easier. Decades ago, online dating meant hitching across the PC to find a similar soul but the new age smartphones decked up with location sensors attune people on the same frequency.

    Dating apps today act as platforms connecting people of similar tastes seamlessly. App trends have dramatically increased and so does online hookups. With Valentine’s Day approaching, find out the best dating app to find your fling sooner than ever. Tinder is the most frequently downloaded dating app 2018, check out the top dating apps ready to rule the social world in 2019.

    Top Dating Apps This New Year

    With a plentitude of apps ruling play store, finding an apt is not easy and you need to tether across the internet to find the beat. If you are someone looking to hookup and find your mate this Valentine’s, find below the best dating app 2019.

    • Badoo

    Witnessing a user count of around 370 million covering nearby 190 nation’s, Badoo is undeniably one of the best dating apps. Incorporating pool of features, Badoo stands out from its tough competitor Tinder. From profile sharing to mapping faces to find the best match, Badoo owns location-centric feature enabling an individual to find their mate effectively. Keeping in mine security and preventing unwanted scams, Badoo would ask you to authenticate your identity via multiple steps. Social media login, number verification, and photo uploads are a must. Additionally, if you wish to enhance your visibility over the app, go pro with the premium version of Badoo.

    Download the App:-  App Store Play Store 

    • Happn

    Many times it so happen that a single sight and you have a feeling, yes that’s her or just that you wish you could say hello to that handsome guy, right? Yeah most of us. But we miss that moment. Though social media blessed us with the feature of stalking yet finding that mate is a lot tougher. Here is where happn makes things happen. With its an exclusive feature of finding someone at a particular place, get ready to reconnect to your missed connections. All you need to do is feed your location and the app would display profile of people adjacent to your location. And to add more to this, now the developers have enriched the app with voice notes, fall in love and see your crush falling for you too.

    Download the App:-  App Store Play Store 

    • Bumble

    Another best dating app 2019 is Bumble. The app allows users to connect with people looking out for them and yes in areas close to yours. Meeting new friends and dating is what Bumble is all about. However, one feature that makes this app stand out from rest is it requires the female to send a message before after the two strangers connect. A buffer of 24 hours is set seeking the lead to connect and the connection disappears if no communication is initiated. In case you are looking for same-sex friendship any of the two can initiate the message. Bumble is not just a dating app, it’s also for the ones looking for BFF goals. After all, life is not just about dating. Almost similar to its competitor Tinder, Badoo differs in giving women the key to connect. Lookout for your mate this year and get hooked up at Badoo.

    Download the App:-  App Store Play Store 

    • Crush

    Call it bumble’s sister app, oh sorry similar app, Crush follows the same path as Bumble. This too requires the female to decide whether or not she wants to connect with the opposite sex. Where bumble expects women to send the first message, Crush gives them the chance to probe a question and if she is pleased with the answer, she can unlock a particular and if not, hard luck boys. Well, this might sound a little creepy, yet it is fun. So, guys get along and see which lady awaits your presence.

    • Ok, Cupid!

    Another in our list of top dating apps 2019 is the most popular and the oldest across the internet. Ok Cupid, an international dating app has its presence in around 113 different countries. Get through a series of questionnaires to finally find your optimal match. The more you refine your search, the better mate you look out for. Filters to streamline your choice of mate, find one that maps your preferences and hooks up this Valentine’s. Don’t worry, your privacy is of utmost concern and you can anytime block a profile and get rid of unwanted connection.

    Download the App:-  App Store Play Store 

    • Tinder

    And the last but the most popular and the most downloaded dating app, Tinder rules the app world in its domain. No doubt, Tinder has a huge user base and why not. It customizes user profiles based on your interest and would reflect only what you wish to see. You can either use social media login or just your phone number to sign up, tinder giver you the key to your profile. Facial mapping is what tinder excels in, swipe left for a no and right for your Mr. Right. If you Right consider the right to you too, there you go and make a match. With restrictive swipes in the basic version, go pro to have unlimited swipe in and swipe off, see who has loved your profile and unlock additional features. Also, hide your credentials as you can never find someone with his/her name. Tinder is totally masked. Unmask your mate and make love this 2019 with Tinder.

    So, a lot a has been said, now it’s time for you to find one that suits best and go, get along, find your mate and go dating with the help of top dating apps 2019.

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