• Top 5 Reasons Your App Needs Mobile Marketing

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    • Posted on 17th December 2018
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    Organizations need to begin strategizing new marketing endeavors to stay in line with the most recent advancements in innovation. Smartphone adoption rates are increasing at an extraordinary rate, outperforming 80% in 2016 alone. Even more significantly, smartphone conversion rates are up by 64%, contrasted with the average desktop conversion rates for web-based businesses alone. In the current advanced and interconnected world, the significance of coming up with personalized marketing strategies that are mobile-friendly can’t be understated.


    This strategy of marketing that is tailor-made for mobile devices is called mobile marketing. If done right, you would be able to send smartphone users personalized, time and location sensitive information through ads, just then they need it exactly. Why should you go for mobile marketing for your app? Here are the top 5 reasons.


    1. People are using smartphones more than ever

    CNN reported that in 2016, Americans were spending close to 10 hours a day on mobile devices. While most of it was on laptops, about 1/3rd of this time was being spent on smartphones and tablets, as stated by eMarketer. If you can do the math, you can see that Americans spend no less than 1200 hours every year browsing various apps and websites or talking on their smartphones. 


    This is the perfect opportunity for you to get hold of their attention and get them talking about your business. Mobile marketing will help you do this successfully. Collect enough user data and create ads that you are sure they would love to see. In fact, in 2019, 72% of the marketing budget of various organizations is being spent on creating ads for different mobile platforms.

    2. Mobile marketing and mCommerce go together


    As you know already, people are now using their smartphones to make online purchases from various eCommerce app, such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. Creating user-friendly websites and portals to increase sales will help in the online shopping industry. It might baffle you to learn that more than 60% of eCommerce portal visits happen on a mobile device. You must know how to come up with an interesting mobile app campaign that would lead a customer to go from the product information page to the final payment page. 

    3. Shoppers get to compare stores


    With online shopping, smartphone users get to compare prices and products on various eCommerce stores by simply flipping through different apps/tabs. With an active and interesting marketing campaign, you can use this to your advantage with proper search engine optimization and a website that is easy to navigate. This will automatically give your business an edge over the others. In fact, most search engines have changed there algorithms and give more preference to mobile-friendly websites. This will help you increase brand awareness.

    4.  Push Notifications are here to stay


    Gone are the days when you needed a good SMS campaign for sending out promotional messages to your consumers. Today, push notifications do the job better. Look at Uber, for example, the app sends you push notifications every time there is a new personalized offer for you and even sends you reminders when it is about to expire. 

    You don’t need to open the whole notification to see its content. It’s short and crisp and catchy and catches your attention right away. A good mobile marketing technique would be to come up with interesting catchphrases that can be used to create push notifications.

    5. With mobile marketing, you get to reach a wider audience


    Clearly, smartphones have become a necessity. You might as well forget to take your car keys, but you would never forget your phone. Thanks to their small, light, cheap, and portable nature, they’re now the preferable mode used for communication. As digital marketing is evolving, more businesses are relying on coming up with fresh mobile marketing strategies to cater to the needs of millions of people who use smartphones. This way, you get to send out tailored messages to everyone who has a mobile device, thus reaching out to a much wider audience.


    Final Thoughts

    A cohesive marketing strategy will help you reach out to a wider audience, send tailored messages to them, offer a unique experience, and send personalized ads to help convert them into sales. Mobile marketing is the new trend and your business needs to be sure that you’re doing it right. As always, stay tuned with AppMystery for your daily dose of information.

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