• FlexClip Review: Edit Your Video for the Best Quality


    Any self-employed blog on YouTube or a professional video operator understands the need to process a video. Here we are talking about reducing unnecessary or unsuccessful parts, imposing additional sound or various kinds of influence.

    To implement these ideas, there are many video editors. Although professionals clearly know what they need, why, and what features will work in one way or another, it is quite difficult for beginners to navigate and choose the video editor that suits them. In the article, we would like to review FlexClip, a free online video editor which will help you make your choice and edit your video for the best quality.

    The FlexClip Video Editor is a functional web-based video editor with all the necessary tools for editing high-quality videos. The video editor is unique for both beginners and professionals as the interface with all its rich features is extremely clear and convenient. You don’t have to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new tools and layout, and then the editor will help you step up the game and make some awesome videos.

    What can you do with FlexClip

    Upload new clips, pictures and music: FlexClip allows you to import new clips or images. You can even add a collection of background music to create a full movie from these files.

     Choose from a video template: It also offers a wide range of video templates for Valentine’s Day AD, marketing tutorial, company introduction, anniversary cheers, wedding invitation, wishes for baby, etc.


    Trim video: With the slider on the video, you can edit the video or cut off unnecessary pieces.

    Convert video: You can easily convert some popular video format (MOV, M4V, MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, and so on) to Mp4 format with the excellent video quality.

    Audio level adjustment: If you need to adjust the audio of the clip, simply tap volume and use the slider to increase or decrease the volume of the video.

    Add transitions: When it comes to transitions, they’ll appear as soon as you start splitting or importing a new video. Touch the gray square of the video clips on the storyboard, and a lot of transition animation options will appear.

    Insert the text to the clip: You can also touch Text to choose the text format and insert it into your video in several ways.

    Add a logo: FlexClip supports for add logo, which not only promotes information about the creators, but is also an effective method for copyright protection.

    Sound recording: If you need to add a sound to your video, you can record the sound directly from the program window (integrated microphone required).

    Preview of the video: A preview window of changes made to the right of the program window. If so, the edited video can be viewed in full screen.

    Storage of a media file for different devices: After editing the video on your Chrome, you can customize it for viewing on Apple and Android devices, set it up for posting on YouTube, and even save your videos as MP3 files.

    The Advantages of FlexClip video editor:

    1. Simple and beautiful interface with different language support;

    2. Enough feature for editing videos;

    3. Even hard work on weak computers.


    If you didn’t subscribe to a plus version, you could only export a video with a FlexClip watermark.

    In conclusion

    As you have seen, any user can learn how to use the FlexClip Video Editor. If you need a simple and functional tool to keep up with high-quality video content, maybe you should pay attention to the FlexClip Video Editor, which allows you to realize all your thoughts and tasks quickly.

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