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    What Are The Best Cloud Storage Apps On Android?

    Smartphones have surely made things effortless for us, and it is true that we can’t imagine our life without it. However, like everything smartphone also needs a little help to serve the users best. The most common issue faced by the users is limited storage that causes a number of troubles. No matter how much GigaBytes of storage your phone has, it becomes lesser after some time. The countless captured images, funny videos from chat groups and your personal media stuff consume the entire space of the smartphone.

    To counter this issue, we have cloud storage apps enabling you to save your precious stuff online at a secure server. This saves your smartphone from facing the storage problem. However, there are thousands of cloud storage apps available in the Google Play Store, so how will you decide which one to download. With the help of this article, we will be providing you with some of the best Android cloud storage apps.

    1. Google Drive

    When it comes to cloud storage, Google unanimously leads the industry with its cloud storage service. While make a Gmail account by default you get the access to Google Drive, and the app comes with your Android smartphone. The best thing about Google Drive is that it’s UI is straightforward, and it works lightning fast. Besides, the Gmail is used by most of the people across the globe so getting your saved documents and stuff on the desktop is pretty convenient. However, for corporate and business-oriented cloud storage space you need to go for the paid subscription.

    2. Dropbox

    Another Android cloud storage app that you can use to make sure your phone data is safe, and you still enjoy your phone memory. The cloud storage app comes with an intuitive design and easy to navigate app flow. Transferring the files is so easy, you just need to drag and drop the file, or you can also transfer by selecting the files. The app provides limited storage space in the free version that accepts all file formats. However, to get more space and additional features, there is a premium version of the app that you need to purchase.

    3. Mediafire

    Mediafire is an underrated cloud storage app because initially, it started as a file sharing app. But, over the years the app has transformed into a pretty decent cloud storage option. The app is straightforward to use, and all the functionalities are very easy to understand even for the kids. The best part is that with the app you get a file sharing feature that enables you to share your files with lightning speed. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store, and you get 10GB of storage space with the app. To extend your storage up to 1TB you need to pay $7.5 per month that will be billed annually. If you want 100TB of storage space, then you have to pay $80 per month to Mediafire.

    4. Microsoft OneDrive

    After Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive is the most popular cloud storage app available in the Google Play Store. The cloud storage app is straightforward to use and comes with a very appealing design. Most of the users prefer this app over other others due to its compatibility with other Windows devices like laptops and PC. The Windows ecosystem makes the OneDrive app easy to make your cloud storage accessible by a number of devices. Besides, you get 5GB of storage with the app for free which you can upgrade up to 50 GB for $1.99 per month. Along with this the company also offers premium subscriptions for business.

    5. Mega

    Mega is another cloud storage app that you can use to store your media files from your Android smartphone. This app is among the few cloud storage services that are snowballing due to its reasonable comparative price. When you sign up in the app, you get 50GB of storage which is free of cost. The primary reason because of which people like to opt, Mega, is comparatively larger cloud space for free. Besides you can get extended storage from 200GB to 8TB available at different pricing.   

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